Z Nation – “Welcome to the Fu-bar” Review

The whole group is dealing with what it means to have lost Garnett. In the case of Roberta warren, that means taking the time to completely shut down. Unfortunately shutting down during a zombie apocalypse isn’t something you can really do. People may be dangerous, but while the people arn’t coming for you, there are always zombies that are making their way for you. Thankfully, the rest of the group was ready and willing to step up. Interestingly, it was Murphy who’s the one trying to talk sense into Roberta and keep and eye on her. Before long, Roberta is doing nothing but drowning her sorrows in moonshine. It was nice to see that despite her state, she was still capable of taking out zombies.

Z Nation - "Welcome to the Fu-bar"The group ended up on a camp that welcomed and preferred people to come in with weapons. It seemed like a safe haven in the middle of Kansas farm land. There everyone lived their lives in peace with very few zombies as they claimed they were all in the big cities. It was a state of relative peace and of course that couldn’t last for long. All the zombies there were in their control and what they could handle. It was also fun seeing Doc in his element with some of his old buddies. In fact, the whole competition with 10k was a nice bit of levity in the episode.

That was until they saw oncoming storm. A literal hoard of zombies so large that it dusted the entire area. We’d seen them approach since Abby had noticed it a while back. Now that they are all on the once safe have, things got real. Considering how many zombies it looked like there were, it seemed to be an entirely manageable amount for them to handle. Sure, they needed to book it out of there, but it never seemed quite as terrifying as the looks of it. However, it seems we’ve only just seen the beginning of this threat with the zombies were saw here, merely being the harbingers.

I talked about Murphy changing last week and this week was no different. There is something going on with Murphy. When a standard pick pocketed ended with him taking a bite out of a guy. Murphy definitely is doing more than looking like a zombie now. However, he has the ability to prevent people from turning was we saw with the guy he bit being the best evidence. After being bit, then killed by a shot through the chest, he didn’t turn like anyone else. It seems that a bite from Murphy is exactly what someone needs to not turn upon dying, but it doesn’t tell us if they’d become like Murphy.

What did you think of the episode?

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