Gotham – “Spirit of the Goat” Review

Gotham - "Spirit of the Goat"It’s great to see the the major difference in Harvey Bullock’s attitude. The flashback to Bullock as a young cop and on the Spirit of the Goat case. He wasn’t quite wide eyed and chipper, but he was enthusiastic. He wasn’t willing to let another girl potentially die on his watch. It’s a far cry from what we are used to seeing from Harvey now. In the ten years since then, he’s gone from eager to jaded. For a detective that’s a hard pill to swallow as now work is determined by his hours rather than the danger people may be in. This being a past case for Bullock, set him in motion in ways we’ve never seen before. I quite enjoyed seeing Harvey gung ho about a case simply because what was being done was bad. Bullock is Bullock and there is no changing that, but seeing a side of him other than just annoyed was nice. It was also great seeing Bullock take action on a case and solving it.

Montoya is still pushing forward to do anything in her power to get Gordon in trouble. Sure, everything she’s seen has pointed to Gordon being dirty, but the fact that he isn’t is going to end up making her look terrible. When Cobblepot makes himself known Montoya will look like a fool. The real question is this is Gotham and the city is pretty dirty. I’m surprised that Montoya would be authorized to have spent so much time hunting down this lead of a seemingly upstanding cop, better than most, while there are plenty more important crimes for Major Crimes to go after. It just doesn’t make much sense in the big picture. I could see if Montoya were doing this on her own time, wishing to push Gordon out of the way, but that isn’t the case. Hell, Montoya’s arrest went up in flames before the end of the episode.

Nigma is strange. We’ve gotten that over the small doses in which we’ve seen him in past episodes. This episode, the writers decided to give him more screen time in which we got to see Nigma more in his element and interacting with someone other than Gordon and Bullock. Now he’s letting his idiosyncrasies and impulsiveness get on the nerves of the records clerk as he spews pointless facts. However, like the normal problem we have in society, Kristin is not amiable, but annoyed and lashes out on Nigma. I’m not sure if they wanted us to feel uncomfortable by his intrusiveness and off color comments, but I ultimately ended up feeling sympathetic for Nigma. Her reaction was justified after he tried to restructure her entire system, but I can’t help but feel sad.

Gotham - "Spirit of the Goat"Barbara is by far the show’s weakest part. This isn’t entirely the actress’s fault as she’s given little to do and terrible lines. She states the obvious, doesn’t do much other than lay around the apartment and complain. At least now she gets out a bit, but still doesn’t seem to have any real job, only coming on screen to be someone for Gordon to talk to. It also doesn’t help that for two people who are supposed to be engaged, they don’t have much chemistry. Now that can definitely help when it comes to potential storylines they may go through, but I’m pretty sure we should believe that they at least like each other.

What did you think of the episode?

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