Movie Adaptations in TV Production

I could easily go in to an entire post about all the superhero and movie adaptations that are in the process of becoming TV shows, but that’s not the point. My point moreso is that while the number of these shows in production may seem alarming, it really isn’t that big of a deal.

For one, every year there are hundreds of shows that are pitched. Even more shows with already written pilot episodes. It seems like there are hundreds of shows out there and each of them seem like they brim with possibility. In some cases, the possibility seems slim or a show seems ridiculous, yet there it is in production ready to make a pilot. However, this is the natural order of shows. First they are conceived, pitched, written, greenlit, produced, edited, adjusted and then they move forward. Now, I’m not in the industry and I haven’t had one of my shows go through the process of going to series so there may be some details I don’t have here or some steps that may need to be added in between, but that is the gist of the process to get a show on air. With so many shows that make it to air and then fail one has to consider that those were the best of the opportunities that they had.

supergirlThere are always rends that pop up. This time because of the characters and franchises involved they gain more publicity. When someone says they are going to make a Supergirl show it’s going to attract attention. Just like attention will be drawn if you hear about a Minority Report television show in development. There’s a deluge of shows in development as always. Like all things in Hollywood, when something proves that it can be successful, there will be replications. Often then were will be copycats of things until they prove to no longer be a viable option that makes money. It is how franchises live and die and it is the reason we see so many of the same things at one time. Currently, that is movie adaptations and superheroes.

The problem and concern actually stems from the increased publicity that these characters end up getting. The reason we end up hearing so much more about these shows going into production is because they have name recognition. In some cases, people have been anticipating sequels. And in almost all of the cases, we hear about it because those franchises have a fan base no matter the size. There is a huge difference when there are thousands or millions of people who would love to see a Rush Hour TV show vs a brand new show in development that has no connection to anything else because it is original. Sure one of those original shows may fall into whatever trend is most popular, but they haven’t yet had a chance to gain and audience, so there will be less attention.

Are you anticipating any of these shows that have made it to production?

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