The Originals – “Live and Let Die” Review

There is no love between Elijah and Hayley anymore. They wanted to make sure that you know that by all the sass that she is dishing out to Elijah.

The Originals - "Live and Let Die"The wolves may be asserting their dominance on the vampires in New Orleans, not satisfied with pushing them out of the quarter. Finn isn’t sure the vampires will abide and leave so he’s ready to push through with sheer numbers. Finn wishes to use the teenagers to make their first kill and become wolves. This however is the last straw for the wolves who are already tenuous under Finn’s lead. Wolves and vampires teaming up is always fun. Especially when they have a common goal in mind which is protecting the kids. In fact, I loved seeing Elijah pair up with Ollie as they took down all the wolves. Ollie has had a lot of growth as a character lately as we’ve begun to see him regret some of his decisions, though I wish we got to see more of his growth rather than glimpses.

Mikael is teaching Davina viking lessons in the woods, with no kindness. You can kind of see how Klaus was mistreated by his father. If Mikael was willing to teach Davina by beating and making her work through the pain, one can only imagine what Mikael would have done to Klaus who was his son. Davina is but a stranger, a girl from another time, but he expects a warrior.

The Originals - "Live and Let Die"It’s fun to see that Elijah is teaching much the same concepts to his new vampire. She is frustrated and he pushes her, but where as Mikael is brutal Elijah is patient. There’s also the fact that there is some undeniable chemistry. It’s almost strange see Elijah paired off with someone so quickly, but there seems to be no loved lost when it comes to his relationship with Hayley. Elijah is really beginning to thrive in his new position with the vampires. He is beginning to see them as his people and he their leader. Yet, he’s perfectly willing to let Marcel be the puppetmaster, only stepping in when he doesn’t like a plan. He’s whimsical and not meant to be tied down and training his one vampire seems to be the extent he wishes to go for group participation.

The Originals - "Live and Let Die"It’s strange seeing Cammy admit that she sees the light in Klaus. There is very little light to Klaus and he’s done more than his fair share to screw her over. Yes, there really is a light to Klaus. A fairness and sense of honor to his actions that are doused with acts of violence. There is something genuine to Klaus and he does care about Cammy enough to follow her word. Their dynamic remains one of the best on the show. Though these new vampire and werewolf relationships are really shining in the show thus far.

What did you think of the episode?

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