Agents of SHIELD – “A Fractured House” Review

Agents of SHIELD - A Fractured HouseHYDRA is not letting our SHIELD agents go peacefully. In order to emphasize Talbot’s point, a false team went in attacking politicians claiming to be SHIELD. Obviously the immediate backlash against SHIELD was strong. SHIELD was already on the run and weak. Now, they have a target on their heads as everyone wants them dead. However, it took this story line for Talbot and people in the government to begin to have a more open discussion. SHIELD led by Coulson is not the enemy, HYDRA is.

The attempt to stop SHIELD agents from being free hunting game lies with Christian Ward. And yes, Christian is Grant Ward’s brother. The mere mention of his name was enough to send the normally calm and collected Ward into a frenzied panic. We know that Christian messed with Grant as a child, but the extent is unclear, but it seems quite bad. Thus we delved deeper into Ward’s entirely screwed up psyche. By giving Ward more than moments to deliver his truths, he was given time to manipulate and twist his webs of fallacies and partial truths. All of it led to Ward finally leaving SHIELD custody to go under his brother’s. Of course, moving Ward wasn’t as simple as it sounds. Ward is one of the most dangerous men without powers around. He moves through life with a grace and charisma that can deceive, but he is nothing but a walking threat to all life. Which is why it was not surprising at all when a simple transfer goes awry. Yes, they had guns on him, but a couple of handcuffs doesn’t seem close enough.

Agents of SHIELD - A Fractured HouseMockingbird was sent out with May and Hunter to go see Toshiro Mori in Okinawa. Last week we learned that Bobbi and Hunter are exes. The tension between the two of them is great and their moments together felt awkward. There’s some deep history between the two and they can’t seem to even be able to maintain a short conversation. Hell, even as they were watching each other’s backs they were screaming at each other. The two can’t seem to get along and their bickering was actually a highlight in the episode. The two also had a great fight sequence together. Despite not being able to talk much, they make a really good team.

Fitz struggles are still terrible. He’s gone through a lot, but for the past few episodes he’s been given a chance to grow. Sure, it isn’t much, but he’s very much getting better and accomplishing things. This is in large part because of Mack being able to get to Fitz without putting any pressure or demeaning him. That doesn’t mean he isn’t still struggling and we see that with Fitz and Simmons. The once unbreakable pair is completely shattered. Simmons seems unable to get through to Fitz in the way that either of them want. Learning that Simmons left because she realized that she was holding Fitz back was both fitting and sad. As was her proclamation that she would kill Ward if she ever saw him again. I like this more go get’em attitude of Simmons this season.

What did you think of the episode?

Side note: We also saw the exclusive clip from Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was short, but fun seeing the Avengers doing their best to lift Mjolnir as Thor sat back laughing. It was an enjoyable pissing contest, with both Tony and Rhodey teaming up to unsuccessfully lift the hammer. It happened to transition beautifully into the trailer that we’d already seen.

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