The Flash – “Going Rogue” Review

The Flash - "Going Rogue"Felicity made her appearance in Central City, to visit Barry now that she’s awake. And because she is one smart cookie, she already knew that Barry was the speedster known as the Streak. She’s quickly brought up to speed and shown around Star Labs. It’s a credit to Emily Bett Rickards because whenever she’s interacting with someone you can feel how genuinely people take to her. There is no animosity and as quickly as she is in Central City, she seems to be getting along with Barry’s team. Felicity was there to teach Barry’s team about being a team. The two have an easy dynamic. It was nice having them admit that they were perfect for each other yet both were completely in love with other people.

The Flash - "Going Rogue"When Barry went to stop an armed robbery of an armoured car he had his first encounter with Leonard Snart. A nasty man and finally a decent villain. this is in large part because we see some things from his perspective. Also very early on we get to see some of Snart’s motivations. We know that he’s from a troubled home and that he’s very skilled at what he does. We also learn that he has a code in which he doesn’t wish to kill guards or police unless absolutely necessary. All these little things make Snart feel like more than just a one and done villain as he feels like more than just a cut out. His behavior isn’t very consistent though. This was however more of an origin story for Captain Cold. That said, it was well done.

Things got even more interesting when it turned out that Cisco had built the weapon that Leonard Snart was using. He also managed to get out of his hands when a janitor stole it. I got that Cisco was always building gadgets and tinkering with things. It just didn’t seem in his personality to build weapons. The logic behind why he did it was sound and actually one of the most logical actions. However, it does imply a darkness to Cisco that we are only beginning to see. Cisco would have had to build the gun after he knew Barry could run at such speeds, which meant that he made a judgement call on Barry’s person while acting entirely different to his face. Cisco is not just a chipper tech genius.

The Flash - "Going Rogue"Iris and Eddie’s relationship is wearing thin on multiple people. Joe, for one, isn’t particularly fond of his daughter dating his partner, but is letting it be. It’s hard on Joe who now needs to watch after Eddie like his daughter’s boyfriend rather than his partner. The tension between the two though is palpable. However, more interesting was Iris’ attempt at forcing a double date on Barry and Felicity. Iris is totally ready to pawn Barry off on her. It is a case of someone being so happy that they try to do everything they can to get others in that same state.

What did you think of the episode?

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