Upcoming November Movies

FYI – Starting Monday, I will be blogging only 3 days a week. It will be a normal Monday and Wednesday post, with Friday being NaNoWriMo focused. Thus this is the last week of 5 day posting until December.

I haven’t gone to the movies in two months. I hadn’t realized that since last night. It wasn’t that there was nothing I wanted to see since September, but nothing I wante to see strong enough that I was going to spend money. That is the ultimate goal of marketing a movie though and nothing succeeded on me. I marked movie after movie on my list of movies to catch when it’s available in a way that I don’t need to leave my house.

However, the month of November is changeing my ‘ll catch it later attitude. Instead I’m now ready for all the November movies I can’t wait to see. There are a few that I finally want to see.

InterstellarInterstellar – 11/5/2014- Christopher Nolan’s latest big screen endeavor. A movie that we’ve been hearing about for nearly two years, long before it ever started shooting. Then has been all this buzz and the perspective is one that we haven’t seen often. Rather than be established in space or in the early days, this movie is literally about the discovery. Now I’m not entirely sure where the focus will be, but I’ve enjoyed prior Nolan films and intend to give this one a shot. In fact, I’ve already got my tickets. Hopefully, the 3 hour movie will leave me with a feeling of satisfaction. If it does really well it will keep me thinking and wondering like Inception did. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it needs to be enjoyable.

Big Hero 6Big Hero 6 – 11/7/2014 – It’s a Marvel property, but it isn’t under the Marvel Cinematic Universe (at least not yet). In fact, it is Disney at the helm. Another product of the Marvel Disney relationship we now have. With Disney having recent year after year November animated film success (2012 – Wreck it Ralph, 2013 – Frozen), Disney is on a high. Honestly, it is very well deserved as their animation and story telling has been superb. Big Hero 6 is an off beat comic line that isn’t particularly well known. From the looks of it, some of the darkness of the comic is being wiped out in favor of being more kid friendly, but from the looks of it that doesn’t look like a bad thing so far. The trailers are light and fun. What’s more is that while it is not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is entirely possibly that they could foster a Marvel Animated Universe if this goes well. For now, this is just a stand alone and more power to it. Did I mention I have tickets for this as well.

Mockingjay Part 1The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 – 11/21/2014 – The Hunger Games has been one of the biggest movie franchises in recent years. It seems that when one of these movies is released, people flock to it. It doesn’t hurt that these are good movies with solid stories. Mockingjay is the beginning of the end of the trilogy (well quadrology film wise). I can already imagine where the film will split as there is a relatively definite shift in tone in the book. That said, this is only Part 1 and we will need to wait until Part 2 to finish. Hopefully, we have another strong movie that will be highly entertaining.

Are there any movies that you are looking forward to this November?

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