American Horror Story: Freak Show – “Edward Mordrake Part 2” Review

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Edward Mordrake Part 2"Edward Mordrake made is rounds speaking to each of the sad souls of the show. With each person he was looking for the one who would complement his sad menagerie the best. We got to learn a bit of each of their back stories which was rather enjoyable as often smaller characters don’t get much screen time. However we learned how Paul the Illustrated Man and Legless Suzy made their way to the show. It was Elsa who caught Edward Mordrake’s attention with all the delusions she was spouting. It stunned even him beyond the grave how foolish Elsa could act.

Mordrake’s appearance also allowed us a bit of Elsa’s past in the Weimar Republic. There she was a part of an underground S&M ring in which she was the dominant in a very weird situation. It is the fetish world and I’ll refrain from commenting, but watching that man sit on nails made me cringe and gag. But her work attracted attention from the wrong people, particularly men who wanted to create a snuff film. Her legs were sawed off on camera

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Edward Mordrake"Dandy made his first attack this week as he snuck up on Jimmy and Maggie after they caught Twisty recapturing his prisoner. Twisty and Dandy’s little party went awry when Maggie and Jimmy broke free. But the party wasn’t long missed as Mordrake came for Twisty. A soul even sadder and more pathetic than Elsa. Thus, we launched into a sad story of how Twisty came to be. Dwarves drove him out of the carnie circuit and he couldn’t be a clown. So the simple clown returned home to Jupiter where his suit began to get dingy and he tried to make toys. However, people only saw him as a strange man trying to get close to children. His ideals were literally twisted and off came the nose. He tried to kill himself and managed to blow off his jaw instead. Still he wanted to do no harm, just to be a clown, now hiding his face behind his mask. But the freaks weren’t kind to him and at some point he snapped. He went from kind and misguided to a twisted danger. At some point he scalped a man and we still have no idea when that happened. Twisty has gone away with Edward Mordrake and now the mouth mask has passed on to Dandy. However, that is ever more terrifying because Twisty just had a twisted way of caring for people. Dandy will be a pure monster. He did finally make his move on Nora and this will only be he beginning.

With the death of Twisty brought praise for Jimmy. The townspeople flocked to the grounds to congratulate Jimmy and meet the freaks. For Jimmy this is a big deal because it is the first step for Jimmy to get accepted into the real world. With a full show, it was Elsa’s opportunity to regain the spotlight from Dot and Bette.

What did you think of the episode?

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