Arrow – “The Magician” Review

If there is one thing that I’ve recognized this season it’s that very few characters are the same. Ollie is quickly and easily recognizing that Thea is not the same girl that she once was. She’s more mature and everything about her is exuding it. It is a great change for Thea’s character who often whined and complained about inane things being a prime example of rich girl problems. Thea is now more confident and focused. She’s prepared and ready and I really like this side of her.

Arrow - "The Magician"Nyssa and Laurel butting heads was an interesting dynamic to explore. Both cared for Sarah in their own ways due to their relationships, but that doesn’t mean they see eye to eye. On one hand, Nyssa has a point about telling Quentin about his daughter’s death even if it’s for the wrong reason. That said, it isn’t her place to go about telling Quentin about Sarah if Laurel, who was there and is blood related to these people, doesn’t want her to. When the two finally do find some sort of common ground it is almost unsettling because it is over revenge. Laurel wants Malcolm Merlyn dead and Nyssa would gladly oblige.

Actually on a whole Nyssa is yet again a wrecking ball like force as she makes her way into Starling City for Sarah and stays for revenge. Nyssa is dangerous and her time on screen is well played as you buy that she is lives on a very different code of ethics that what we are used to with Oliver. Nyssa is abrasive and cruel. Which is why it was all the more satisfying when Nyssa was forced out of Starling City by Oliver without ever getting the pleasure to kill Malcolm Merlyn. Oliver actually went so far as to declare Malcolm safe for as long as he is in Starling for Thea.

Arrow - The MagicianIn seasons past, flashbacks really played well, even if they did get occasionally annoying. Despite the location change and potential for new stories, this seasons flashbacks have been particularly lacking. Not only did the flashback move at a much slower pace than the rest of the episode, but it also didn’t relate to the plot directly. The flashbacks in the past that I’ve found have been the most effective either directly informed the events of the main plotline or paralleled directly to a series of decisions that were being presently made.

I really want the writers to give Roy something to do. Let’s be completely honest, he hasn’t been given very much to do. In fact, this episode all he did was nod a few times, chime in when appropriate (rarely), and was quickly dispatched by Nyssa so she could get to Thea. Roy is supposed to be a hero in training. He’s supposed to be capable and someone that is on the road to being a hero. But he’s been shown as less than a lackey and his character development has seriously fallen to the wayside. They need to figure out what to do with him now that they have him as the an official part of the team.

What did you think of the episode?

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