The 100 – “Inclement Weather” Review

Clarke didn’t have to wait long to see the effects the radiation has on those from the bunker. We saw a man burn and limp in mottled and deformed from the radiation. However that wasn’t Clarke’s main concern. Instead she was desperate to find out why one of the returned men had ben shot and they were told it was a grounder. In fact, Clarke repeated the fact that grounders don’t use guns, but the man clearly had a bullet wound. However, by the time that she was allowed to see the body there was no bullet wound in sight. Clarke’s insistence to find out the truth behind what is going on is noble and smart, but she isn’t doing it smartly. She’s asking rashly and frenzied. Worst of all, there is no one who

The 100 - "Inclement Weather"At the end of last season Jaha was resigned to fie on what remained of the Ark. He had checked out and watched as his people reached the ground in tears. Then he heard that baby cry. He was spurred into action to try to find some way to get them to safety. Now that it wasn’t just his life on the line, he needed to do something. His plan was crazy, but hindered by his inability to get to the missile. Crazy as he was he launched himself into space tot he other side with a cracked helmet and a baby in his suit. It was only once he was on the other side did we realize that Jaha is going batshit crazy with hallucinations. The baby was nothing more than a hallucination. A hallucination that changed to a vision of his dead son. In the end, Jaha made it to Earth. The only problem is he seems to be far from the rest. Finally the show addresses the improbability that so many people would just be launched toward Earth at random times with little calculations other than to hit Earth to land relatively close to each other.

Raven’s troubles were a bit frustrating. She’s been suffering through pain with a bullet linger by her spine for a long time. She’s lingered in and out of serious pain and it was finally decided that they could leave the bullet or use it. Unfortunately she stood the chance of losing the ability to walk. While the surgery went successfully, one of her legs suffered severe nerve damage. She’s a cripple and in case we couldn’t figure that out Abby spelled it out. It is one of the shows weak points. Rather than stating something once, or letting us infer something from obvious on screen actions, we are instead hammered with statements again and again in slight variations just to make sure that we didn’t miss it.

Oh and Octavia can’t seem to be ale to keep lincoln in her sights. If he keeps disappearing on her and she needs to find them, this is going to grow very old.

What did you think of the episode?


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