Rom Com TV

This year presented us a number of rom com TV shows. It’s an interesting move for the networks considering there haven’t been many major successful rom coms for them to piggyback the genre. Yet, the sudden change could have potentially worked. Except for the inevitable fact that by deciding to go the route of female skewing rom coms they largely alienated a chunk of their audience who has no interest. Rather than seek out a comedy equally to males and females and characters that were more stylized and relatable than generic characters fulfilling a path that we already know how it will likely end.

What surprised me more than the fact that they were trying to take rom coms from the big screen to the silver screen was how many there were in one go. There is Selfie, A to Z, Marry Me, and Manhattan Love Story has already bit the dust. That’s 4 new rom com shows in one season. Now let’s not get things twisted, many shows have had a romantic relationship component to their shows. How I Met Your Mother was extremely popular with a central premise of how Ted met the Mother. However, I’d never call the show a rom com. First and foremost it was a comedy. Unfortunately that isn’t what these other shows are. However, like How I Met Your Mother these have titles alluding to premises, which means they have to deliver on some sort of promise.

Note: Let’s be honest, though I include Selfie due to the My Fair Lady association and the chemistry between Eliza and Henry, it could stand on its own as a female skewing comedy and not a rom com.

Unfortunately, all the rom coms were not that great. I will give them that none of them were straight up unbearable, but nothing also claimed me in a way that I had to come back week after week for more.


2 thoughts on “Rom Com TV

  1. Selfie, Marry Me, and A to Z are certainly vaguely likable, but at this point I just watch them on Hulu after a couple of new episodes have piled up. You are right about how they all so heavily skew female. It is a bit surprising.

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