Constantine – “The Darkness Beneath” Review

Constantine - "The Darkness Beneath"John Constantine made his way down into the mines this week. That’s where you go when miners are hearing voices as they work and people are turning up dead. The opening sequence in which we saw a man essentially covered in coal mixed with water. Well that was strange as the water changed from normal water. It became outright bizarre when the faucet burst flames and then he went up in flames.

Zed has been seeing John in her head for months. Her visions are overwhelming and then all of a sudden the man she’d been seeing is right there in front of her. So obviously, because this is a TV show and she’s a bit bold, she takes to following and breaking in to John’s hotel room. It was rather cruel of John to use Zed’s ability to get answers even though she didn’t know the extent of her ability. John got his answers and Zed was left in a room waiting for John who’d already left.

Constantine - "The Darkness Beneath"John Constantine was originally going to be paired up with Liv from last week, but after the pilot the creators decided to change directions. Instead of a wide-eyed girl with no idea of what she was getting in to in the world of the supernatural. Zed was supposed to be tougher. In some instances Zed is. She’s a go getter. She’s darker. She’s willing to do things I doubt Liv ever would. But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t just as inexperienced as Zed. This girl they’ve introduced is just as fresh faced, but she’s willing to pretend that she isn’t to help. I could see Zed resisting torture, while Liv would have crumbed. It’s a nice new direction as zed is able to more quickly jump into the role of a worthy sidekick rather than a liability. It is a more interesting dynamic for the show to explore. The banter and interaction between the two feels genuine, but there also seems to be something off. They don’t have that great bond like a Sam and Dean or Crane and Abbie. Hopefully this improves over time, but on it’s first outing it’s okay as it leaves something to be desired.

It was odd the way the episode resolved. John made the usual strides through the episode as they figured out the cause. Once they figured out the cause, they struggled with the confrontation. Then they stopped the big bad. However, stopping the mine spirits came off as lack luster. They managed to save a boy mid attack, but it was done by just reminding them of the type of spirits they are supposed to be. Sure, the romani was summoning the spirits, but there was no real reason as to why it was so simple to make them go.

What did you think of the episode?

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