New Harry Potter Short Story: The story of Dolores Jane Umbridge

J.K. Rowling teased that we would be getting a new Harry Potter short story about the deplorable Dolores Umbridge last week. I went into a tizzy, but I didn’t have a coronary like I did when the last short story was released over the summer. This was mainly because I had the opportunity to actually adjust myself to the idea that I was going to be able to delve further into the Wizarding World. I needed that time as did many to also prepare for the awful things that would come along with a story about Dolores Umbridge. You can read the short story on Pottermore or on

doloresumbridgeI’ve now read the short story twice and it reads more like a history than a tale. It goes through the life of Umbridge, much like the previous story was an article. It is an interesting approach for Rowling to take. She isn’t just giving us a thrown into the moment short story. Instead it is more like reporting and recalling various events. The history of Dolores Umbridge, which I doubt anyone was clamoring for, was interesting.

As for Dolores Umbridge, she’s positively awful. We’ve known for quite a while that Umbridge was an terrible piece of work. She made the lives of far too many people miserable and fed everyone lies in order for her own advancement. The short story did nothing but reaffirm how postively vile the woman was. Unwilling to even accept her parents, she did her best to distance herself from them. Her aspirations got the best of her and corrupted her.

Much of the short story actually retells what we already knew or deduced from Harry Potter, but the additional material is what makes it more interesting. She’s a Slytherin through and through, with her cunning getting the best of her even as she worked her way to the top. It’s no wonder that she ended up alone.

What did you think of the new short story?

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