Gotham – “Penguin’s Umbrella” Review

We finally saw something else from Jim Gordon and that was anger. For just a moment Jim was more than just a stand up guy, instead he actually shot a man. Sure, he broke into his fiance’s home and was ready to do lord knows what as punishment for leaving Cobblepot alive. Jim went from willing to fight dirty and shoot Fish’s men, to deciding that he’s going to clean up the case that got him in the mess in the first place. Unfortunately his plan is a bit foolish, and the show made sure to tell us that his plan was crazy multiple times.

Sleepy Hollow - "Penguin's Umbrella"Cobblepot’s existence to the mob bosses is actually more interesting. Falcone is indifferent to Penguin’s return. His presence while a nuissance is not the real heart of the matter. Falcone and Maroni, hate each other and are vying to attain and maintain control of the city. It is a devotion them that is blinding them from their true threats to those empires. In Falcone’s case, it’s Fish who is plotting against him, using her inside knowledge and his weaknesses to her advantage. However Cobblepot is truly playing them both. Simultaneously taking out Falcone’s men and Maroni’s man while silently climbing his way to the top without anyone noticing.

Hello Zsasz. I’ve always been a fan of Victor Zsasz. let me refrain from saying always too much considering much of my love for all things DC actually originates from animated series and video games. That said, I was still both excited and torn seeing Zsasz. On one hand, I’m a little tired of the quick inclusion of so many of Batman’s foes. On the other hand, I think they’ve handled Zsasz well so far in his brief inclusion. As a character he was an interesting addition with his attention grabbing tactics and damn near deranged (already). Unfortunately, his appearance was short lived as we only had the scene with him in the police station and a brief appearance later. He’s currently underutilized.

I actually doubled over with laughter during the scene in which Fish went to speak with Maroni. I cringed when she actually had the audacity to utter the phrase “Snitches get stitches” on screen with complete sincerity. Maroni found it all amusing so much to the point that he denied her request to hand over Cobblepot in favor of an apology. Fish was’t having that, but this is doing nothing but further dredge up the war between Falone and Maroni.

Sleepy Hollow - "Penguin's Umbrella"Barbara is still the worst part of Gotham. I don’t care about her, she’s not that smart. Unfortunately I don’t buy or really see to understand why Jim seems to love her so much. She’s frustrating as we aren’t getting a very engaging character and we also aren’t seeing her do anything other than wallow. Add in the fact that Barbara managed to get caught by Falcone’s men twice. The second offense being more egregious because she for some reason after already being caught seemed to think she could successfully plead for Jim’s life. Oh and Jim put her on a train and told her to stay away. When there is a character like this I don’t feel bad when they die.

What did you think of the episode?

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