Sleepy Hollow – “Deliverance” Review

With voting day right around the corner, Crane and Abbie took a little detour to the voting booths. Crane’s comments were as always a witty commentary on society from the perspective out of time. Things have changed greatly from what he once had, where influencing voter at the poll locations was common place. Washington gave his voters beer. However, it would have been a bit more effective if these scene was just a one off situation for a few giggles before the characters got into the meat of the

Sleepy Hollow - "Deliverance"A demon grows in Katrina’s womb because it was planted in there because of Henry. Henry is literally trying to kill everyone as the horseman of war. He however indicates no affection for for his parents. Thus we have a situation in which Crane, Katrina, and Henry are pitted against each other. Henry is willing to betray his own blood. Katrina refuses to accept that Henry is not the child she hoped and maintains her faith in her son. All of the evidence of Henry’s actions have proven that Henry is too far gone and that is something Crane sees, but still too maintains a sliver of hope. So while, he’s willing to accept that things are no good for the situation, he’s willing to still attempt to reach out to her son. Henry wants nothing more to watch the world burn by Molloch’s side. Katrina’s naivete is not something that I find endearing or makes me like this character in any way. Instead, she’s becoming increasingly frustrating because she is ultimately giving Henry pass after pass for deadly behavior without ever earning the actual pass. Their enemy that wants them dead is literally killing her so it can be born through her because of Henry.

This season has seen quite a bit of characterization for Abraham, something which is rather relieving. Abraham has been made more sympathetic this season as we see him care for Katrina. It is Abraham that again and again is seen trying to protect her, even as I’m sure he knows that her allegiance to him is conditional. It’s great seeing that Abraham can be seen as someone who is misguided. It reinforces the idea that the horsemen are taken under Molloch’s power when they are at their lowest. However, just because someone reaches a low, does not mean that they can not rebound any. For Abraham Katrina allows him to see the light in situations.

What did you think of the episode?

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