The Originals – “Red Door” Review

One of the things that I’ve come to like about Cammy is that he has no problem calling people on their bullshit. She does this particularly well with Klaus. So much so that even Kol calls Klaus for being her dog. Hell, Cammy was willing to cal Mikael on his bullshit as well. Everything that the Mikaelson clan seems to spew his jut high brow bullshit. They all want each other dead and Cammy seems to be fed up getting caught in the midst of their feuds.

The Originals - "Red Door"Elijah was subjected to the imprisonment of Esther and the torment that came along. This torment came mostly in the form of forcing Elijah to remember Tatia. Memories he’d tucked away, that still had the power to aunt him. The time of which Elijah was forced to face his early acts of aggression. The time he killed the woman that he loved most, Tatia. It’s almost sickening the tactics that Esther is going through to get Elijah on her side, to reunite her broken family. You have to wonder what Esther things will happen if everyone was reunited as a family. From everything I’ve seen, the rifts between them are far too deep to ever be fully cleansed.

Davina was off desperately working to find a fix to the spell that will keep the vampires she loves alive. It is all the ore urgent now that Mikael and the white oak stake were out of her possession. With those two components out of her control and targeting Klaus, she became all the more urgent. when that plan unravels, she finally sees through Kol’s facade. it’s a relief that such a powerful character wasn’t being played a food any longer than absolutely necessary. Luckily for Davina, she was saddled with Kol as the person to watch over her. He’s the least willing to bend to his mother’s whims. He’s petulant and hates bending to the will of anyone else.

Fr the first time in the history of the show everyone seemed to rally to save Klaus’ life. Pretty much anyone who wasn’t literally tied up who had some stake in Klaus’ life came to his aid. It took a group of them to finally make headway, and run Mikael off, but they managed to succeed. Allowing for everyone to rally together, even in this small way, is a nice little look at the extent they will have to go through to rid their threats this season.

What did you think of the episode?

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