Z Nation – “Zunami” Review

Let me start by saying that I love DJ Qualls. I have since I watched The New Guy over 10 years ago. he’s quirky and there’s something about him that makes me like him. He was beyond endearing in Supernatural and I generally admire his fervor. Unfortunately, Citizen Z is all cheese and no substance when the rest of the show is instead walking the line between serious and camp. Citizen is always contributing to the camp, which is why hi scenes are best when they are limited.

Too much Citizen Z can leave you wondering why you even bother watching the show. However, this time We got to see Citizen Z actually encounter a real person in his lonely base and have a real plot line. But much in the way that communicating with a dog can be difficult, communicating with a Russian who speaks little English can be tough. It was amazing how quickly Yuri picked up English. However all the secrets that Citizen Z gives up made me feel uncomfortable. The fact that Yuri acted so suspicious, I wanted Citizen Z to not be so naive. When Citizen finally realized what was going on that Yuri couldn’t be trusted, all that Yuri could say was point out that something was wrong with his dog. Which is why it wasn’t surprising that the stranger astronaut who mysteriously knew his name was all in his head. All because he couldn’t breathe. Now kids, you should always pay attention to your smoke detectors.

Z Nation - "Zunami"Out on the road the massive horde that was affectionately dubbed a Zunami rolled through. To make things worse, it happened to hit right when everyone is hitting a wall from dehydration. When the zunami rolled through they did the only thing they could do, they hid. It’s not surprising that walls were only a temporary barrier. However, they learned that the flood of puppies and kittens was miles wide. There was no running, no fighting their way out, they had to hide. The only place was locking themselves in mortuary storage. Of course this was another chance to show highlight how much Murphy has changed. Amongst more than just a few zombies, he could walk through an entire flood of them unharmed.

Murphy pulled a real dick move when he went searching for supplies. Not even for his friends, but for himself only. He stole said supplies from a mother and daughter asking for help. They’d survived and he killed them. When he was asked to tell a man in a red jacket they were okay, rather than just letting things be and moving on. He actually sent the man that was once their family into their safe haven to kill them. While he brought them together with the food and drink, he almost left them. His horrific behavior is deplorable and it’s worse that he doesn’t feel bad about it. It’s a big shift in his character who was previously no more than an annoying, bitter, coward.

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