American Horror Story: Freak Show – “Pink Cupcakes” Review

The best thing about this episode was when Gloria discovered dead in the dining room. As soon as she saw it and heard the lame excuse about an intruder come out of Dandy’s mouth she turned on him. Without hesitation she knew that Dandy was the one to have murdered Dora. it was quite fitting and I enjoyed how sharp Gloria is being portrayed here. She may live in a deluded little world, but she also knew what her son was capable of. Dandy’s smug grin as he walked away from his mother after feigning distress was another moment to get under your skin. Dandy is the biggest danger on this show. A five boy with nothing better to do with his life.

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Pink Cupcakes"Dandy wasn’t stopping with just admitting that he killed Dora. He also had to make a stand. He needed to prove himself and all the work that he does to prepare his body. He makes his first target Dell’s love in the gay club. What is the worst about his second murder is how botched it is. Matt Bomer’s character just didn’t seem to die after being stabbed in the chest, back, and then getting his arm chopped off.

Jimmy is going through a lot. Clearly out of all the people in the Freak Show, aside from Dell and Elsa, he’s the one who could best and most easily integrate into society outside of the grounds. Yet, he’s constantly seeking approval from women that he can be liked, that he can be loved. When he shares a moment with Maggie Esmerelda which was clearly fueled by how much she cares for him, he only sees that he’s being pushed away. He went in for the kiss and was denied. Desiree however wasn’t so discriminatory and while denied him at first, she quickly accepted him before she ended up bleeding.

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Pink Cupcakes"Elsa isn’t getting away with things very easily either. She thinks she can be a star, despite all the evidence that stacks against it. However, her insistence that she be the headliner, she end up booed off the stage. Of course this is a hard hit for Elsa who only sees herself as the main attraction. Seeing Dot and Bette off with Stanley was enough to enrage her. However, the fantasy of how he was going to kill the sisters and put them in tanks, passing it off as sickness was bad. Worse was seeing a dead Bette still attached to a pleading Dot wanting help.

Desiree’s bleeding was because a miscarriage, which forced her to actually go to the doctor. There she learned that’s what the blood was from, but also why she was they way she was. It was all a miscarriage. And what she thought made her a he-she, was all she. It was interesting that Desiree’s world perspective changed, but it became more focused on the idea that she could have kids. Unfortunately, for her Dell doesn’t have much interest in her. Then again, Desiree is done with Dell. Dell is into guys. He’s hiding it, but it explains why he was attracted first to the bearded lady and then a woman he thought had a dick.

What did you think of the episode?

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