The 100 – “Reapercussions” Review

The 100 - "Reapercussions"Clarke’s find last week lead her directly to Anya inside a cage. Clarke not being the cruel person she is freed Anya. However, that wasn’t enough for the grounder, who didn’t want to leave her people behind. Neither of them were in situations that they wanted, but a string of events made it impossible for them to not work together if they wanted to survive. They may have gotten free of the base, but their escape put them in reach of the reapers. The problem is they needed to work together to do it. Naively Clarke thought that she could convince Anya to work with her, but there is no camaraderie between the two. Anya is loyal to her people only and has no intentions of following the plans of the like of Clarke. It may be foolish of Anya, but it is ingrained into who see is and expecting anything else is even more foolish. It was nice to see them work together reluctantly. Anya and Clarke would make the most interesting team if they could put their differences to the side for a bit.

The 100 - "Reapercussions"Jasper has moved on from his various crushes and now seems perfectly willing to galavant around the base with Maya. So much so that he could care less about Clarke being missing. Jasper is not one that I trust when it goes to decisions. More than once he’s proven to be unreliable. While Maya seems to like to skirt the rules on occasion, but she is very much entrenched in the society in which she was raised. Maya is more than willing to continue to perpetuate the lies.

Monty as usual serves as one of the souls of the 100. He actually cares that Clarke is currently AWOL. With him being the only one looking for Clarke and wanting to make sure that things are alright, he’s become the most reasonable of the 100 at the bunker. Clarke was overzealous, while Jasper is too contented. Monty is the only one in a middle ground.

The 100 - "Reapercussions"Octavia is being a trailblazer of sorts working with grounders and trying to both gain their favor and get Lincoln back. The attachment that she feels for Lincoln is intense. When you think about how little time they’ve actually spent together, both had gone to extremes for each other. Octavia working with the grounders she just threatened. Even still Octavia is taking the steps that are likely to gain her some respect among the grounders.

The Arkers are having their own issues. They can’t seem to find a balance to their new life on earth. Major Byrne is the main advocate for this sort of behavior. She sees this as the only way to maintain order. Kane isn’t like that, but the pressure to follow the old rules, the only rules they know, is overwhelming to the point that he chooses to go with Byrne’s suggestion and give Abbie 10 lashes. it’s a rough scene and it makes you question when things are going to change with the people in this society. Byrne operates on her own code of violence and doesn’t much respect Kane. I wouldn’t be surprised if she attempts a coup on Kane.

The 100 - "Reapercussions"The offshoot of the Arkers which makes up of the original 100, with Bellamy, Murphy, and Finn are off making ground with their grounder. We didn’t get much substatial forward progress with the grounder as they tried to get information. What was shocking was that it was Bellamy who is no longer gung ho about killing grounders. This isn’t just about surviving, but finding the rest of their people and he’s acting more like a righteous warrior. However, Finn has pretty much lost it in his panic. Finn has gone extremely dark without Clarke, but he’s turning to a side I don’t think Clarke would really like.

What did you think of the episode?

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