Constantine – “The Devil’s Vinyl” Review

Constantine - "The Devil's Vinyl"We are three episodes in to Constantine. Let’s be completely honest. I like the show, but I’m so far from in love with the show. Matt Ryan really shines as John Constantine and I’d be terribly happy if John was off on his adventures alone. He’s a tough cookie and it’s tough seeing the potential in the show, but knowing that it’s making missteps and losing audience members.

One of the biggest missteps, and the more I see of the show, the strangest decision is over Zed. Don’t get me wrong. I like Zed. She’s a go getter. She’s a bit shady and completely willing to get her hands dirty. That’s very different from Liv in the first episode. However, the two characters are very much the same in that they have know idea what is going on. Zed is harnessing her body seeing through objects, but she also asking just as many questions about what the hell is going on. Where Liv would stand their confused, Zed will strike back and then ask what now? yes, one is better, but it isn’t a drastic change like they made it seem.

Constantine - "The Devil's Vinyl"What is unfortunate about Constantine is that in the Hellblazer comic it blazed it’s way for the genre. You can see the heavy influence shows like Supernatural take from Hellblazer. Unfortunately, Constantine is coming at a time where it just isn’t quite as unique. A number of the tactics and tone instead feel lifted from the successful shows that preceded it. For example Constantine used a spelled playing card as a a way to deceive a nurse. It displayed what the owner (Constantine) wanted them (the nurse) to see. Rather than thinking of that’s clever and useful. I thought shit, he’s got psychic paper too. It really takes some of the punch out of Constantine when I’m thinking about how much Constantine is like other shows, but how those shows are utilizing the elements better. When I heard soul broker, I just thought of crossroads demons and how awesome season 3 of Supernatural was. That’s not good when you want to fall in love with a show in front of you.

The entire show focused on the acetate. It’s a record that drives people to want to listen to it. The closer people are to the acetate the stronger the desire to listen. It was such a strong compulsion that anyone within it’s reach was overcome with the desire to listen. However, listening to it meant death if one waited too long before shutting it off. Actually in the beginning we saw how gruesome a death after listening to that voice was. I loved the concept of just listening to this song was enough to kill you. However again, was reminded of when in Misfits whoever heard a girls voice had to do what she said.

Constantine - "The Devil's Vinyl"There was an introduction of Papa Midnight, who I can’t help be feel like he’s an imitation of Papa Legba. However, I did like the inclusion of voodoo. I would like if for once we saw another side of voodoo rather than it’s constant stereotyping. He has his own lackeys. However they went AWOL and his prize, the acetate was lost. It looks like we’ll be seeing Papa Midnight again and I honestly don’t mind.

What did you think of the episode?

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