Sleepy Hollow – “Heartless” Review

Sleepy Hollow - "Heartless"I find it unfortunate that a scene of Crane watching a soap opera wasted, simply because he was with Katrina and not Abby. There is a serious lack of joy of life that comes from Katrina a season and a half in. Rather than a humorous well played moment, it became overshadowed by their conversation about the state of turmoil their relationship has just gone through. So long in and I still find myself saying, I get it he loves her, get to the better stuff.

Their relationship is so drastically different than Abby and Crane’s. Their relationship is immediate, easy, and understandable. They’ve been bound together and it feels good. When Crane and Abby are on screen together it feels like the real pair is together. As if they belong together because there is chemistry. Crane and Katrina are sweet when you think of what is actually going on, but not when you see it. There’s something distant about Katrina. That is especially felt when Katrina is paired off with Abby. There’s just something inherently different from the energy that Katrina brings to the screen than anyone else. Even Katrina sees that there is a bond between Abby and Crane that is powerful.

Sleepy Hollow - "Heartless"This week Henry summoned and unleashed a succubus in Sleepy Hollow. With the succubus sucking energy from various victims to feed the demon baby Moloch. The threat of the succubus was one of the more interesting threats, but that said she is nothing more than a threat of the week. She’s another opportunity for Henry to fail and for us to see why that is. It’s getting tiresome that time and time again Henry is being thwarted. Yet it seems that we are supposed to believe that he is a puppet master. Yes, he has managed to deceive us a few times and be clever in setting up our time. However, I have a feeling that Henry is just better at rolling with the punches and making misfortunes work in his favor.

One of the things we’ve seen happening over the past few episodes is the way Hawley eyes Abby. He likes her even if he doesn’t want to admit it. when Abby saved his life, he shrugged it off as them being even, but you could see how much Hawley is taken by Abby. He really seems to find Abby appealing. That attraction and desire is what drives a further wedge between Crane and Hawley. Crane already doesn’t like Hawley and there is no doubt some jealousy at the idea of not taking as much of Abby’s affections. There is a very clear chemistry between Abby and Hawley and I’m looking forward to them examining that relationship further.

What did you think of the episode?

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