The Originals – “Wheel Inside A Wheel” Review

The Originals - "Wheel Inside A Wheel"Everyone is now uniting to work against Esther and the witches. The shift of balance continues to sway in New Orleans. First the wolves who were at the bottom of the totem pole completely driven out of the city were in control. Now, the witches were at full force. While we keep hearing about how these witches are in charge we aren’t seeing much of them other than the outcast witches like Esther and Davina.

One thing that I haven’t been loving so much this season is the amount of exposition this show is delving out. Time and time again we are seeing characters explaining things to other characters. There is too much telling going on this season and not enough of proper betrayals, plans, and action. The Originals is a game about power and that’s what makes it interesting as we see it shift and shift.

The Originals - "Wheel Inside A Wheel"Esther has her hands in everything including having Finn spy on Cammy. Thankfully, Cammy is observant and notices something is up with Finn before she even really knew what was going on. That’s when it got really interesting. Cammy would have rather screwed with Finn than just confront him. Essentially Cammy wanted Revenge, however she isn’t quite as well versed in the art of playing people as the rest of the characters, so she stumbles. She fishes for information, but Finn was keen enough to notice the drastic change in her behavior. That said, Cammy is still smart enough to realize when she has an advantage.

This episode also saw Hayley on her mission to save Ollie, that brought her to Jackson. He’d been living in the woods, learning from a man who turned out to be Klaus’ real father. What was actually important was Hayley trying to convince Jackson that he was needed back with the pack because they needed an Alpha. Jackson was too jaded by all the betrayal and all the things that happened that drove him away. We may have lost Ollie in the process, but I’m glad to see Jackson back in the mix.

The final reveal that Esther wasn’t actually the big bad of this season, but her wicked sister was an interesting twist. Considering we have known so little about the family outside the core members, it wasn’t so hard for them to pull off. It should be interesting to see how and what will happen considering Klaus’ daughter isn’t actually dead like everyone believes.

What did you think of the episode?


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