The Flash – “Plastique” Review

The Flash - "Plastique"One of the big differences between Oliver and Company and Barry and company is that Barry and his friends actually like to have fun. We’ve seen them work, but we’ve also seen them play and they really play. When everyone goes out for a night of just having fun it feels natural. Even when you consider that Caitlin carries around a bloodkit. This is one of the major reasons that the two shows feel different. The Flash wants it’s characters to have fun and for the show to give off that same feeling.

This week’s meta-human is a soldier who has the ability to cause random combustion. She literally touched Barry’s suit and it exploded. San Souci is not a bad person, but she wants revenge. More importantly she doesn’t want to continue to be used as the military’s tool. It was interesting that she was so desperate to get rid of her ability rather than learn to use it because of how distant it made her feel. She possesses a very different moral compass than Barry though. her motivations are centered around wanting to be normal to not be a tool. Whereas Barry wants to help people plan and simple. He wants people to be safe, to not hurt people. Whcih is why it was competely believable that San Souci would go off to kill Eiling by the order of Harrison Wells, even though we are sure she knows she’s being used one last time. The difference is this last time should hopefully bring her freedom.

The Flash - "Plastique"Iris is getting closer and closer to the Flash every week. Her blog and interest is convincing her to go after leads that put her in the line of danger. She wet to the crime scene and watched who she still calls the Streak. This is causing a problem for both Barry and Joe. Neither of them want Iris in harm’s way. It’s a bit frustrating that Iris doesn’t seem to see it as dangerous to put her name on her blog. Telling the world is one thing, but letting everyone know who you are both good and bad is incredibly dangerous. It only makes it more tragic when we learn that Iris may say she’s doing it to give everyone in Central City hope, but she’s doing it to give Barry hope again.

One of the things we saw this episode was Barry really trying to test and push his limits of how fast can he run. For the first time he ran up a wall. Then to upstage that feat, they had Barry literally run on water. Pushing 650 miles per hour to get to safety. It was a wonderful effect that I thought looked great, especially for a TV show.

What did you think of the episode?


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