American Horror Story: Freak Show – “Bullseye” Review

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Bullseye"Elsa will have no more talk of the twins. She throws her fits so she doesn’t have to hear of them or spoil her party, even though clearly everyone is concerned by their leaving. Elsa is he boss and she will have nothing less than all the attention on her. It’s her party and she’ll scream if she wants to. Elsa thinks everyone owes her for them not being in their prior situation. It is her own personal delusion that she is far more special than she actually is. By the end of the episode, the harem of people she tried to rally around her are beginning to see through her lies. Her most reliable confident even threatens to kill Elsa if she did anything to the twins.

She’s s terrible that you can’t help but feel bad for Paul. She makes claims of how he could be her chauffeur until she gets a “normal” suitor. But it’s only sex to Paul because he’s in love with some girl he met. It’s nice to see that Paul isn’t suffering from not being able to pursue his interests. Even though she doesn’t really want him, the idea that he would be with another woman infuriates her to the point of attempting to kill him.

Paul was actually brought into the spotlight quite a bit this episode. There were so many scenes he was in that very early on I felt nervous about his fate. I liked Paul. He had hope, but he also wasn’t delusioned by how he was seen. Thus when we saw Stanley trying to convince Maggie to get someone I got nervous. It wasn’t the liars that brought danger and threatened Paul’s life, but Elsa because she’s a jealous woman. People care about Paul and him slowly drifting away because Elsa wouldn’t call for help was particularly upsetting.

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Bullseye"I’m getting sick of all the fake deaths that we are dealing with this seasons. Fake outs are not horror. Fake outs are potentially horror, uprooted to make us feel unsettled. However, this is the third fake out in two episodes. They feel almost like time fillers as each of these fake outs are very clearly fake outs with their different hue.

The twins are overall enjoying their time with Dandy. Bette because she is given things and left to be overall happy. Dot on the other hand realizes that Dandy’s wealth can being her the surgery she so desperately desires. Dot sees that Dandy is unstable. It’s almost as though she is messing with Dandy, making him angry on purpose. It’s fun to see how sharp Dot is when paired with Dandy. However, I’m not sure if she realizes how dangerous Dandy really is. He’ll kill them both and won’t blink an eye. He’s trying to figure out how best to do it. Dandy makes Dot miserable and it’s tearing Dandy apart. He’s so deranged he’s by far the most interesting character in the show. One doesn’t know what he’ll do next and that makes you not want to look away from him.

What did you think of the episode?

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