Arrow – “Guilt” Review

Arrow - "Guilt"The heart of this episode was guilt like the title implied. Aside from the very obvious painting of GUILT with the trail of bodies that kept popping up in the episode, we went through a journey. Most of the characters on this show have some sort of guilt lingering on their conscious.

Roy is dealing with his guilt hardcore. A guilt which must be even more frustrating considering that he thinks he killed Sara, but isn’t actually sure. It’s keeping him up and affecting his work with Ollie. He’s damn near convinced that he had mirakuru in his system to the point he had Felicity take his blood. I’m glad that Felicity didn’t just try to calm his guilt when he told her his dream of killing Sara felt more like a memory. Sara had a connection to all of them and her death has been driving most of this season.

Arrow - "Guilt"Actually the fact that Roy came forward to the entire group claiming responsibility for her death was a big thing of him. Everything is pointing to Roy being at fault, but it’s the reactions of everyone else that really make this development interesting. No one wants to believe this as true, especially Roy. Processing the idea that the kid that has become a part of the team took out another without any real knowledge of it. It’s not an easy thing for them to get through.

The one thing that really jarred me was Diggle’s reaction. More than anyone, Diggle has been about keeping the team together. He wants people to be safe. Sure, he’s been shown to be driven by revenge. However, Diggle is also largely level-headed. The fact that he wanted Roy to come in and pay for his actions to pay for Sara’s death, felt odd. Especially considering that they didn’t have any facts only circumstantial evidence. This isn’t proof or a definite confession. it’s a kid feeling extremely guilty for what he thinks he did as a result of the drug in his system. Thus it made me feel all the happier when Oliver claimed that he would never abandon Roy when he asked. Sure, things will certainly be rough, but Oliver isn’t just going to let Roy drift. That is not who Oliver is, he also knew that Roy was actually conflating his memories. I’m glad that show didn’t decided to keep this a mystery or let us believe that it was Roy longer than absolutely necessary.

Arrow - "Guilt"Laurel is obsessed with training with Wildcat. Unfortunately, his gym got tied up in a murder case. Lucky for him, he was out to dinner with Laurel getting Ted in the clear. Ted is clearly driving a wedge between Laurel and Oliver much like so many other things. While Laurel is so desperate for Ted to be innocent, Oliver could care less. He doesn’t trust Ted because he’s a vigilante too. It’s rather impressive how much shade Oliver threw Ted’s way for losing control and accidentally beating a drug dealer to death. Even if Ted had killed the one man in all his vigilantism, which he didn’t, Oliver has certainly killed more than one person. Now no matter how much Oliver pleads, Laurel has decided who her teacher is going to be. And it’ll be Ted Grant.

What did you think of the episode?

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