The 100 – “Many Happy Returns” Review

The 100 - "Many Happy Returns"Jaha was saved by someone in the deserted roaming. The bedouins that he encounters are only a little bit more friendly than the grounders. They are searching for the city of light. However, just like all the reapers, people also seem to be physically affected by the radiation. Something that Jaha is not used to and even recoiled when the child who saved him walked in without covering his face. He then spent time trying to win over the boy who went back to wearing his covering. It was kind of a low blow that the family that took him in sold him out for a horse. Hopefully the people looking for the bounty on the sky people don’t treat Jaha too terribly.

Finn is not about saving people any ore. He’s really eager to let people just survive on their own. One of their own from the 100 was fallen down a cliff clinging for her life, Finn was ready to leave her.. Thankfully one of the scout team wasn’t just going to leave the girl there. I couldn’t help put wonder about how thin that rope actually was. When the kid who went down there died it seemed like all was lost, but Bellamy and everyone but Finn didn’t give up. This left Bellamy to go down and fetch the girl, Mel. Just when it seemed like we might lose Mel and Bellamy, they were saved from a grounder attack by Octavia.

The 100 - "Many Happy Returns"Raven is one giant sad sack. In some ways she’s happy because she’s doing mechanic work again. However, that enjoyment is being crippled, yes I did that on purpose, by the sadness she feels over the loss of function in her leg. For some reason all of Raven’s sense of self-worth is tied with her leg. yet she refused to wear the brace that could help her until she put herself to almost quitting. Yet, once she wore it the mobility that she longed for began to be a possibility again.

The 100 - "Many Happy Returns"Clarke is still off with Anya doing their thing as they try to stay hidden and get back to the grounders. That means a few different things, like occasionally talking and covering themselves in dirt so they no longer smell clean. They only really run into trouble when Anya is shot by some sort of dart. All of it culminated in Clarke fighting with Anya. It was a brutal fight and really enjoyable to watch as neither one held back. It was satisfying to see Clarke ready to go for the kill shot when she saw the beacon indicating that her people.

What did you think of the episode?

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