Constantine – “A Feast of Friends” Review

Constantine - "A Feast of Friends"This week introduced John’s old friend Gary, who is very different from John. John is confident, while Gary is hesitant, nervous, even timid. He’s very different, but somehow he’s gotten himself into the very same position. Gary isn’t quite as adept and quick witted as John. Where John probably could have talked his way out of the mess he was in. Gary managed to let the demon he trapped in a bottle go free. It’s a nasty demon that spreads as bugs and then moves from host to host through them. The effects for the hunger demon actually looked rather great. I also enjoyed, the spirit journey John went on. Watching the transference of the eyes really skieved me out in a good way.

The dynamic between Gary and John was the most interesting thing of the episode. They each seemed to be separate pats of a once symbiotic relationship. However, where John moved on and found his own means in another way. Gary seemed to just miss what once was. it led to a very tough relationship between the two of them. John doesn’t trust Gary. He sees him as nothing more than a liability. Which gave him the opportunity to at least temporarily pawn Gary off on Zed and keep them both out of the way.

Constantine - "A Feast of Friends"Which is a damn shame when it really comes down to it. After Gary was built up as a bit of a helpless guy we are forced to watch him apologzie. We have to see him repent and try to make up for what happened to Astra. We get to know Gary and while he has some flaws, he isn’t that bad. it’s depressing and it makes you want to know that he’s safe. Which is why for the first time in the series it hurt to watch John stop the hunger demon by trapping it in Gary. An act that was slowly going to kill him.

Essentially John was off on his own for much of the episode. There was no Chas, there was minimal Zed and even Gary was relegated to the backgroud. In some sense, I’m hoping that is the show realizing that John is the heart of the show and needs to be allowed to shine. John is by far the strongest character and Matt Ryan’s portrayal is a lot of fun to watch. That said, this shouldn’t be an excuse for the show to stop working on the characters. If Zed and Chas are there to support John, then they need to be built up. They need to have their own plots and struggles rather than just sitting in the background. Literally all we learned about Zed this episode was that she’s never done drugs. She had no plot line and her character didn’t grow in any way. Seriously this needs to change and fast.

What did you think of the episode?

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