NaNoWriMo 2014: Excerpt 2

Day 14. Wow, we are so close to the end date. Tomorrow will be the officially midway marker. At this point it’s now about getting through to the end. I’m currently sitting at 73,138. I’m tired, but feeling good about my story. It’s coming to life as I hoped and I’m nearing the end. There are certainly things I’d like to do to the story to beef it up a bit more, but this is just the first draft. I note it down to be worked on more later.

Anyway, here is my second excerpt from Renaissance. It picks up where I left off last week. Enjoy. Part 1.

I’m running before everyone starts staring. Of course they are looking at me, I’m the one who just decided that I would steal from the troll.

The crowd now seems to part in front of me as though they want nothing to do with me. Being my captor is not the grand prize that one would think. It isn’t like the troll is going to give them any reward for their heroic gesture. They are better of just letting me go and they do.

The troll is a troll in every sense of the word. Not only did he have a mangled nose, but he clearly has the tiniest legs ever. They can’t keep up with my long gazelle like stride. I’m lithe. He’s stout. But it also doesn’t stop his scream wrought pursuit.

It isn’t until I hear an ear shattering scream that I realize some element in my chase has changed. More screams follow and the path is ever clear now. No weaving or maneuvering required. That can only mean one thing. Police.

Turning around when you run is a terrible idea. You can no longer see where you are running. Your speed drastically decreases. And when you have your head trained on something behind you, it’s impossible to navigate in front of you, making any sort of obstacle your worst nightmare. And in a marketplace filled with people, there are more obstacles than you can imagine.

Even still, I need to turn around. I need to make sure that it really is the police that follow me because my escape tactics will have to change or I’ll end up with a taser in my back and won’t remember the last five hours.

It is a cop. However, I’m lucky it is only one. He appears strong and has a hardened face. They don’t send the newbies to monitor the market. It’s far too dangerous. He’s built like a lion. Strong yet, lithe, and possibly one of the tallest men I’ve ever encountered. He looks from left to right as he chases me. Taking in his surroundings.

I have the advantage though. The police come here to work. They know their way around, but not like the people who live here. Not like me. I duck behind a vendor with a bright blue sign over his hand me down electronics. Jimmy. He’s a good guy and has helped me out with great deals on more than one occasion. Ten years ago, he would’ve been like me, but he found a way to make it. At least that what we considered making it here.

After I duck behind Jimmy’s, I nod and pass him a fiver. It’s more money than I’d like to give up. But as he sees the money he gets an idea and a puff of smoke consumes the immediate area. People begin to claim that they can’t see and some of the vendors shout at others who use this opportunity to steal some goods.

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