NaNoWriMo Update Friday: Week 2

The wonderful shiny sheen of writing has worn off by now. We’re deep in the trenches, two weeks in almost. Now is when the exhaustion sets in. Now is when you fee the drain of stretching yourself to write just a little bit more. I know that I’m exhausted and I’m sure that there are many people like me.

Writing can be a tough thing to do sometimes it’s easy. When you are struggling to stay awake or barely holding on to mental coherency it can be particularly hard. NaNoWriMo is about productivity. It’s about finally taking action against the things you’ve been trying to avoid. Rather than allow yourself to go another four weeks before you slowly start to write. NaNoWriMo is the kick in the butt that makes you get up and do what you meant to do no excuses.

That is why setting a personal goal is so important to the whole endeavor. NaNoWriMo sets a blanket goal of 50k. It’s there as a starting point. A reminder that there is a goal for the month. An end at sight and by working each day you can move yourself closer to reaching that goal. It makes you more productive, but what is productive for me is not productive to you. Everyone goes into NaNoWriMo with a personal goal. It’s not a competition, but a way to do what you want. I need the push every so often to remind me that yes, I need to lay down a new novel to keep the creative juices flowing. Heck, I need to lay down as much as I can of two novels. It’s my time to say the only concern I need to worry about and push myself toward is to get my story down.

I erase words, erase sentences. But I write more. I get new things down that help build to my goal. I don’t keep crap around, but a non-perfect sentence is not an issue. As long as I get up and I write and I keep writing

Where I’m at
I’ve crossed the 50K line and am currently sitting at 71,542 with about 1500 words for the day left. That said I’m exhausted. I’ve made my goal of 5k every day, but sleep has been my best friend. Getting up early makes me tired. Despite wanting to read and not wanting to sleep, I’ve been going to be a bit earlier than usual to help mitigate the effect. The one night I went to bed at 11, I felt glorious the next morning. Alas that is the sacrifice I make when I set a 5k daily goal.

How has NaNoWriMo been going for you?

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update Friday: Week 2

  1. Well, I’m not tired. I went easy on myself this month. I know how lazy I am when I start something so just writing everyday has been a huge enough task for me. I wouldn’t make it writing 5k a day. I don’t know how you’re doing it. That’s so serious, and enviable, dedication.

    • I’ts all about just getting something going. I love the push the exhaustion. I probably wouldn’t be so tired if I could reasonably go to bed at a normal person time. I wouldn’t wish 5k on anyone, unless they are one of those people who can write a book in a weekend. My head would explode.

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