Z Nation – “Going Nuclear” Review

This is why we can’t have nice things indeed. It was quite hilarious to see them run across Mount Rushmore to be defiles to look like they’ve been eating people. Oh the humorous turns this show likes to take really know how to put a smile on my face. Part of the reason this show is so fun is because of things like the characters attracting the attention of radioactive zombies because Murphy farted. As ludicrous as it may seem, if there were zombies. I would be very surprised if there weren’t radioactive zombies.

Z Nation - "Going Nuclear"To make things interesting it wasn’t just radioactive zombies that were an issue. It was the that the nuclear facility was going to go boom within 48 hours and take out 300 square miles in the process. This resulted in multiple attempts of them trying to shut down the reactor. It was the most dangerous thing they’d ever done and it was honestly handled really well. It could have gone super cheesy or very dark, but I enjoyed it. The episode also gave 10k the chance to shine. I really enjoy the episodes where he gets to shine. Though it’s very clear that 10k has some serious daddy issues.

The reason watching the large group work together is more enjoyable is because they each have their own specialties. Warren was able to convert the planes engine from running on gas to vodka. It was a neat fix and something that only Warren could do. Just like when someone is hurt, they go to Doc because he has the most medical experience, though he’s already admitted that it’s all from watching too much TV. When you need something sniped, you choose 10k. Everyone in the group pulls their weight and that is what makes them as a team the most interesting. it’s also why this episode feels more fulfilling than last week’s, even though last week’s episode delivered on the strongest emotional and character development moment.

Week after week we are leaning more about Murphy and his condition. This week seemed to have the most interesting development. A zombie was copying Murphy, mimicking his movements and even following him. He can move through them with no harm. She followed him all the way back to the rest of the group. I liked however that Murphy actively had the rest of the group not kill her. He wanted a different kind of mercy for her. He had been right about her as she didn’t seem to try to attack them once she was near someone other than Murphy.

What did you think of the episode?

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