Gotham – “Harvey Dent” Review

Yes! Barbara is gone. It’s sad when a character depars in a note and I’m thrilled that they are leaving because I find them so irritating that they are no longer welcome.

Gotham - "Harvey Dent"Gordon negotiated for Cat to say at Wayne Manor. Alfred, unsurprisingly, was not all for the arrangement, but agreed yet again due to Bruce’s persuasion. I understand that Bruce is the employer, but it seems like a strange relationship dynamic. Alfred is presumably his legal guardian which would mean that Bruce should just be talking back to Alfred as much as e does. It makes Alfred come off as inert. That said, Alfred takes it stride. While he may be willing to take some bull from Bruce, he’s not willing to put up with Selina’s trash. This episode also did well to build on the relationship between Alfred and Bruce. There’s a fun flirtation between Bruce and Selina as well that Alfred eventually sees, convincing him to let Selina stay. It brings new life to Bruce and he acts more like a kid, which is a good thing.

This week we saw the introduction of a young eager Harvey Dent ready and willing to try to suss out the real Wayne murderers by way of the justice system. Already we are seeing the ends begin to unravel with Dent. He’s quick to anger and so drastcally different than when he’s in his chipper state. It’s a nice prelude to what will eventually come. However, they need to be careful with displaying this too often.

Gotham - "Harvey Dent"Ian Hargrove was a tough character for them to tackle. We are presented with our first somewhat sympathetic if massively misguided and manipulated character. Now don’t get me wrong. There ca be little forgiveness for his bomb making. However we quickly learn that he does this to only bomb buildings which make munitions and always with the intention of not harming people. So much so that when his 12th bomb accidentally killed someone, he turned himself in. However it is his desire to protect his family sways Hargrove to work with the guys who broke him out of jail and bomb another facility. It makes for a tense situation where you want to make sure that Hargrove is safe even though you know he is look at a lot of time in jail. However, this time he’ll be going to Arkham along with all the criminally insane.

On a little side note, Cobblepot has figured out Fish’s little plot to spy on Falcone which is an interesting twist.

What did you think of the episode?

3 thoughts on “Gotham – “Harvey Dent” Review

  1. “Yes! Barbara is gone. It’s sad when a character depars in a note and I’m thrilled that they are leaving because I find them so irritating that they are no longer welcome.” – Yes, yes, and yes. Thank goodness she’s gone, but isn’t kind of messed up that she was so unliked we are rejoicing to see her go. Of course, she is not really gone, shacking up somewhere super swanky with Latoya. However, she was barely around this episode, and it was better because of that.

    • It’s so true. Her presence isn’t wanted. In the comics Gordon cheated on Barbara. You felt bad. At this point, I’m hoping he just kicks her to the curb for good, not being true to the comics be damned. I don’t think she’s redeemable in anyway.

      • I finally gave up on Barbara when Gordon sent her away only to have her come back into town and immediately get caught by Falcone. After that, I was done with her, and though this most recent ep ended with Gordon processing his love for her I am like you. I just hope Gordon parts ways with her and the show cuts her loose, comic book canon be damned. Because you are right…you feel bad when Gordon cheats on her in Year One. This version of Barbara, though, you just feel nothing for. Nothing good at least.

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