Sleepy Hollow – “Mama” Review

This week took us into a string of suicides at Tarrytown. At the same time Abbie was having flashes and dreams of her mother. It lead to a very sister oriented story as Tarrytown is so interwoven to their past. The further they dug the more clear it became that their mother was somehow tied to what was going on. The actual themes of this episode was rather dark following a demonic nurse dubbed the Angel of Mercy. During her life she killed a lot of people and even in her death she is still trying to kill. Their mother’s appearance wasn’t to inspire people into killing themselves, but attempting to help them.

Sleepy Hollow - "Mama"Nurse Lambert, the ghost force was one of the most compelling stories we’ve faced in a while. Lambert was incredibly strong and dangerous. She was vicious and violent and I felt for the safety of the characters more than before. She was vindictive and out to kill. What was scary was that she was so dangerous and unseen. She made it so no one would go looking for it.

Lori Mills has been long talked about on the show. We knew that she was troubled by the spirits she saw. We also knew that she had killed herself. This episode turned that on it’s head. All of Lori’s prior claims about fighting had been true, but Lambert had an eye on Lori and after same time, she eventually got to her. It makes you rethink everything that you had come to think about Lori and her mental health. We already knew that she was struggling with seeing things she didn’t fully understand or could cope with alone. To learn that her death wasn’t her attempting to escape, but something forced on her by one of the spirits and demons that she was so desperately freeing. we got true resolution about her mother. Their mother fought for them every moment of the way.

Crane got a cold. Which led to some particularly funny moments as he did his best to help out with the situation as he was really nothing more than a side piece this episode. Contributing only when absolutely necessary.

Sleepy Hollow - "Mama"With Crane out of action Hawley was perfectly willing to step up and fill the void by Abbie’s side. It may have taken him some time to come around. There are some people who aren’t quite so fond of Hawley, but I see him as a dynamic part of the team. In many ways he has taken over much of Jenny’s prior role, but he brings a very different dynamic to the team. I’ve enjoyed my time with him so far this season as he brings a much needed light mood to the series.

Katrina is still spending her time with the demon baby Moloch. It’s rather disturbing considering this week it was confirmed what many suspected that the baby was vile looking. It is only the pendant that makes Katrina thing that it’s a normal aby she’s cradling. Thankfully, Katrina wasn’t portrayed as a complete fool as she realized that it was in fact a demon that was literally feeding off her despite her seeing an innocuous baby.

What did you think of the episode?

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