The Flash – “The Flash is Born” Review

Again Barry was pushed to his limits. When an old bully emerges as a meta human that can change his skin into steel, Barry faces his first opponent that really lays him out. We’ve been dealing with a lot of firsts which was mostly accepted. This is largely because of the nature of a first season that largely included an origin story. This however felt a little bit better because it had strong ties to Barry’s past which allowed us a look at him, without it having to be forced. It made sense. Iris and Barry knew Tony when they were in school. Considering Iris had been posting about the streak it made her a target just as Barry and her father had claimed.

The Flash - "The Flash is Born"Actually fighting an opponent that could potentially seriously hurt Barry due to his extreme strength due to his skin, Barry himself had to learn to fight. Up until know we were living under the presumption that while Barry was super fast, he had no increased strength. Any science nerd would know that Barry speed allows him to to be stronger. No the muscles behind the actual punch aren’t any stronger. One is stronger if they can exert more force and speed is one of the components. That means that with Barry’s increased speed if he delivers punches fast enough, his noticeable strength will we stronger. We saw that for the first time as Barry was training with Eddie and the punching bag broke open when he hit it with a faster punch. However breaking through Tony’s metal face, he needed to essential have what Cisco deemed a super sonic punch. Anything less would’t effect Tony, but hurt him.

Joe was off having his own little adventure with Harrison Wells. Since coming to terms with what he thought was impossible was in fact very much possible, he’s been digging into Barry’s mother’s death. All o that research brought him to Harrison wells. he realized that Harrison didn’t arrive until the city and open a lab until a month after her death. Joe is fairly confident in his accusations, but Harrison has his own rebuttals. Harrison may have a valid alibi, but from everything we know about him, he can’t be trusted. It was in the final moments when things got interesting. The Reverse Flash (Professor Zoom) visited Joe and stole his research. it was a threat and a warning, but it was a fascinating new development.

The Flash - "The Flash is Born"Iris is still bullheadedly pursuing her Streak journalistic angle. No matter how many conversations he has with her as the Flash, she doesn’t seem to get it. Her pursuit is actually the heart of the episode as her decision is already proving to be a dangerous one. Iris’s wide eyed excitement despite the danger is what is making her interesting. She’s no doubt naive, but there’s something compelling about her eagerness to bring the Streak to light. She was pleased as punch with the name The Flash.

I have to mention how bad a number of sections in the writing were. They were really bad. The discussion between Caitlin and Cisco about how many bugs Barry at felt stilted. If the lines were a bit better it may not have felt so awkward. Moments later, Harrison delivered a cringe worthy line about being a man of steel.

What did you think of the episode?

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