Arrow – “Draw Back Your Bow” Review

Arrow - "Draw Back Your Bow"The flashbacks clued us in to some events that happened the night the mirakuru men ruled the city. Oliver saved a woman on the streets from some of the mirakuru men attacking her. That was the night Oliver created a monster. The woman he saved adopted the name Cupid. She’s now running about the city with heart shaped Arrow heads, killing bad men “for” Arrow. She’s infatuated with him and toying with Arrow. Cupid, aka Carrie Cutter, is also a stalker having previously stalked her partner, she’s now turned to the Arrow. She’s obssessed in a bad way, which is why her being placed on the Suicide Squad was an interesting choice for the character.

Despite Cupid being portrayed with a very dynamic personality, with a lot of potential, she came off one note. Cupid was over the top, ridiculous. She was delusional ad somewhat capable. That said, her entire story went with a flutter. Cupid could have been a character that suck with you and you remembered like Deadshot. However, her story was so unforgetable that it was never a real possibility.

Ray is still putting the moves on Felicity in a very overt way. He’s working out in front of her, so she can see just how gorgeous he is. He asks her to go to a dinner with some dull co workers and he sways her with couture. Ray is all smiles, but you know that there’s something underneath and his altering of Queen Consolidated is getting to him. Ray isn’t just rebranding his company, but also encroaching on Felicity who Oliver clearly still have feelings for. Felicity is more than willing to see Ray succeed and helps him pass a deal. Ray has not shown a mean side to himself. All he has been was a bright spot on an otherwise dark show. In that sense Ray and Felicity really are the outliers on the show. Each of them live life as though it’s actually meant to be enjoyed.

Arrow - "Draw Back Your Bow"This episode saw Diggle yet again interfering with Felicity and Oliver’s relationship. Despite Felicity assuring Diggle that there was nothing between herself and Ray, I was glad that Felicity shut Diggle down. She was right. Oliver made his choice. Sure, it may have been wrong, but it was his decision that he has to live with. Felicity put herself out there and she doesn’t have to sit around and be unhappy just because Oliver won’t allow himself to be happy.

This episode really gave Rila Fukushima the chance to flex her skills as Katana. The flashbacks have been very slow as they focused on ARGUS and an early search for China White. This week Maseo left his home with a promise to Tatsu that he would be home in an hour. When Maseo doesn’t return for 9 hours, Tatsu heads out to find him with Oliver. Tatsu was able to take out the entire crew of men on her own. It was great watching her fight, but it was heartbreaking to see her loss at the news that all the ARGUS men were killed. Not seeing a body made it seem almost obvious that Maseo was going to end up okay. It was highlighting Tatsu and her blade dance that was important.

The end of this episode was a flurry of a lot of things that will no doubt heavily impact the characters, their relationships, and the story. within the last moments. We saw Ray kiss Felicity, just as Oliver came to see her (presumably to tell her about a change in his decision). Needless to say, Oliver didn’t take that well. Then there was Ray mesing around on his computer revealing his Atom Exosuit schematics. And just so you knew this episode was setting everything up, we also saw the brief nameless introduction of Captain Boomerang.

What did you think of the episode?

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