The 100 – “Human Trials” Review

The landed brought Clarke into camp and started fixing herself up. The early part of the episode was a time for reunions. Clarke’s pleased reaction to seeing Bellamy was great to see. She almost looked happier to see him, than Octavia had been. No sooner than they reunited were they absconding into the woods against her mother, the chancellor’s orders.

The 100 - "Human Trials"It was strange to watch Bellamy and Clarke together. This show has not be heavy on romance. Yes, romance has driven a number of characters on this show. They’ve changed their minds and done stupid things for the people they care about, but the show was never one to linger too long on those moments. They had bigger problems. That said, there was a lingering feeling in the air between Clarke and Bellamy. It’s been growing for a while. They respect each other, but it feels like there could be more.

Back in Mount Weather, Jasper is given the opportunity to go out and attempt to find Clarke. Jasper, however, is weary about that idea. Monty is ready to go out there, without hesitation. Monty and Jasper are supposed to be best friends, but the friendship is crumbling as Jasper always seems to be preoccupied with a new girl. Before they are able to leave, Monty and Jasper witness a containment breach with Maya in the room. Her flesh practically melts off her body. It wasn’t until the end of the episode that we learned that the scientists on Mount Weather had wanted to use the 47 to heal their people at the cost of their lives if necessary.

This the scientist on Mount Weather to attempt treatment. It was almost funny how they pretended as though using the blood of people who can deal with radiation isn’t their solution. They pretended like they had no idea what would happen. In some ways, I’m sure that was partially true as they weren’t going to just drain Jasper and give it to Maya. They were going to give Jasper some of Maya’s blood. I was glad that Monty called out her BS. Heck he wouldn’t even leave the room and good for him. Though Jasper is again acting lovesick over a girl, a very weak willed girl at that, so honestly I wouldn’t have cared if he did die.

The 100 - "Human Trials"In an interesting turn of events we saw Kane get taken by the grounders after sending his men back to avoid capture. However, it really got interesting when Jaha stumbled into the room. Which means that Jaha must not have been very far from the ret when he landed. Which makes me curious of where this desert now inhabits if they had been in DC.

Finn is off his rocker. He’s taking any clue or hint and losing his cool at every opportunity. You know things have gotten weird when Murphy is the calm one. Murphy was never really a bad guy, I’m starting to see that now that he doesn’t constantly feel like his life is in jeopardy. Would I trust him when things got tough, now. But more and more Murphy is proving to be a stabilizing factor while Finn is dangerous. Finn will do anything to find Clarke and the others and he’s really losing it. I’m almost worried that he won’t be able to come back even once he knows that Clarke is alive. Finn literally just went on a killing spree killing any grounder that came his way as Murphy desperately tried to stop him. It was ridiculous. He was heartless and he couldn’t even see what he was doing. It was thus great to see Clarke back away as though he was a complete stranger.

What did you think of the episode?

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