Z Nation – “Sisters of Mercy” Review

Z Nation - "Sisters of Mercy"Addy has really lost it since her episode where she realized what she had done to her mother. It was truly disturbing how Addy spun around killing the zombies reciting her rendition of Cinderella dressed in yellow. She’s really unstable and it’s creeping out not just Mack, but the whole newly reunited crew. She’s working things out, but very rattled. When she was confronted with a young boy z, she couldn’t kill him.

This week we met the Sisters of Mercy. A group of women that survived on their own, no men aloud, only women and children. This was good news for Cassandra because of her infected leg. Inside the place was gorgeous and well cared for. it was a haven for women safe from men. One doesn’t have to think hard as to why they developed this society like this. However when you see so much good, it’s good to be suspicious and they are very suspicious. The boys are instead sent out from living in that haven when they turn 13. No men whatsoever. It also explained the series of turned kid they saw on the road before Sam.

The Sisters of Mercy were about bringing justice to men who wronged women. There was no toleration for it. They exacted their justice by shoving men into a shed with a zombie bear. On one hand, I was happy with what they were doing. They were protecting women from men who were no good. Harming them. It was a tough place, but the Sisters of Mercy were no doubt problems. Unfortunately they were getting to Addy. The ideals spoke to her when she was already in a vulnerable state.

Z Nation - "Sisters of Mercy"When Addy told Mack that she was going to stay because it was all too much for her to handle. Mack’s reaction was rather poor. Him groping and grabbing at her until she yelled that he was hurting him. By the time she got back inside, she had entered this state of of bliss, nothing Roberta or Cassandra could say would change that. Mack was driven to prove himself to the women by kill a man holding their men hostage. Mack can’t go on without him and he refused to leave without her even if that was going to get him killed.

The only thing that really frustrated me about the episode was how absolutely open ended this episode was. It ends with Mack running off for Addy. Addy in her trance in love with the Sisters of Mercy. We were also shown Sam, the 13-year old boy, back walking alone on the road again, sure to die on his way to the infested Salt Lake City he believes is father to be. That said, those frustrations can be good because they are potentially interesting storylines. the important part is if they actually continue. Unfortunately to date, Z Nation is rather episodic with serial undertones. Next week will tackle an entirely new story, leaving the Sisters of Mercy behind.

Let’s take a moment to go over how ridiculous it was to see Murphy and that clearly desperate woman hooking up. It was spur of the moment and she was half upset because of losing her son. However there was an implicatio that Murphy’s little tryst may lead to a bay. The question is what kind of baby that would be.

What did you think of the episode?

6 thoughts on “Z Nation – “Sisters of Mercy” Review

    • LIES! Addy was m y favorite character, and I have a theory about what happened. Although it’s sad. Here it goes: Mack sneaks into their little base or whatever. Then the women start shooting at him blah blah blah Addy jumps in front of him, gets shot, she’s dead. THE END! I mean, you guys DID see that girl with Addy’s necklace at the end right? Gosh pay more attention to the details.

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