Gotham – “LoveCraft” Review

Gotham - "LoveCraft"It’s really not surprising that Gordon’s plan blew up in his face. Gordon thus far has been portrayed as a good man. His persistence and unwillingness to give into corruption is what has gotten him so far. That said, he hasn’t been shown as some stellar cop with really great instincts. He’s pretty good, but fallible. This week we saw that play out at its best as Gordon was made a fool of multiple times. One thing I’m slowly picking up from him is that he is a control freak. He does what he thinks is best and will do it without any proper back up. This has seen him get into tough situations multiple times.

When word gets out that Selina is a witness in the Wayne murders a hit team is dispatched to Wayne Manor. While Alfred was able to hold his own and even took one out, the kids were still forced to run. If Bruce wanted to tag along, he was going to have to play by her rules. Selina runs in some nasty circles and that isn’t very surprising. However, as they moved from location to location, we finally met Ivy for real this time. After her father was killed in the pilot, her mother killed herself leaving Ivy on the streets. And clearly she was creeping out even Selina who told Bruce to stay away and not even look back at her once they got what they needed.

Gotham - "LoveCraft"We had seen glimpses of how tough Alfred could be, but it was really great to see him spread his wings. For that matter it was nice seeing Selina and Bruce work together against their opponent. This was most certainly one of the more active episodes that we’ve seen on the show. It seemed that we were delivered a number of action set pieces and they were well executed.

Falcone is not happy about losing his money. And while he’s initially certain it was Cobblepot that was behind this and slipped the information to Maroni, he’s convinced to let Cobblepot figure out who his mole is. Falcone’s idea of rooting someone out was to kill one of them and raise the stakes for everyone else. Raising their tariffs was the next measure for him to take.

After seeing so much of the dynamic between Bruce and Alfred, it was nice for Bruce to finally acknowledge that he sees Alfred as family. Alfred is all the family he has left. Aldred no doubt was an integral part of raising Bruce from the time he was born. Bruce however has done nothing but portray this elitism over Alfred. Yes, Alfred is his butler. Yes, Alfred is meant to serve Bruce. However, their relationship is more complex than that and it’s nice actually seeing that play out.

Gotham - "LoveCraft"Gordon is now being thrown out of the police force to be prison security at Arkham. That should make for a more villain centered second half of the season.

And I’ll go out on the note that the dialogue this episode was particularly atrocious. I cringed at the actual wording and execution of no less than ten lines this episode. It feels like the writers just don’t seem to have a handle on these characters and are determined to write cheesy lines. That really needs to change. It grows tiring when I find myself mocking the characters rather than enjoying the episode.

What did you think of the episode?

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