Sleepy Hollow – “Magnus Opus” Review

Sleepy Hollow - "Magnus Opus"Sleepy Hollow has been brilliant when it comes to integrating even the one off episodes into the plot. Every episode has proven to be important to the story as a whole. Now that we are finally back to a truly story driven episode it feels like we haven’t taken a few weeks off for lighter stories. With the quest to take down Moloch going into the offensive, Abbie and Crane are now looking to get a sword to use. Which meant that Abraham was on his way to get it as well. Their journey took them into a below ground dwelling in which they saw a bunch of stone people. Stone people who Crane recognized and it slowly became clear that the noises they were hearing down there were dangerous.

They went there with the introduction of a gorgon. They were entirely unable to get the sword when they couldn’t look the gorgon in the eyes. That would make it all the more difficult to get to the sword. They had to use Abraham as a distraction thanks to the fact that he didn’t have a a head and was kind of already dead. In the end it got them into the room of swords. It was their teamwork that allowed them to finally pulled the sword. However, it was too late as Henry had already blew his horn.

Sleepy Hollow - "Magnus Opus"Irving is off with Jenny as they attempt to get him over the Canadian border. Of course that meant that every single obstacle was around to make it more difficult for him to get to safety. While it was nice to see that Irving wasn’t going to now be cut off from everyone in Canada, but decided to stay back and live underground in Sleepy Hollow, the story felt like wasted time. There just wasn’t much that we learned. It would have been better if we just went straight to whatever was going to Happen with Irving rather than deal with this interlude.

The episode explored the relationship between Crane and Abraham. There were a lot of discussions and scenes of how Crane and Abraham were so inexplicably tied together. Thus it felt fitting that the fending fight they had in flashbacks was then played out in a final sword fight between the two. It was a heated fight as Abraham felt that he had been endlessly slighted by Crane who took everything from him. It was understandable how frustrated he was, but that didn’t make any of Crane’s counter arguments any less right. Abraham chose to be the horseman of death, but that didn’t change the fact that Katrina still ended up back with him somehow.

What did you think of the episode?

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