The Originals – “The Brothers That Care Forgot” Review

Klaus and Elijah are currently in the process of getting Kol and/or Finn to stop helping their mother and come to his side. Elijah is still unhinged from what he was put through. He attacked Finn for a response. He’s dangerous as he is. Klaus is the level headed one. He’s there trying to make new deals so as to defeat their mother. Finn is the one who really gives him the information that he didn’t know he needed. Finn told Klaus about the curse on the first born children.

The Originals - "The Brothers That Care Forgot"Klaus gave Marcel Kol to torture. Kol after all was the one who bullied Marcel in the past. It made sense that Marcel would be particularly aggressive with Kol. It was fun seeing Marcel go in on Kol, tempting him and taunting im as he was trying to find out more information. He tried to find an angle and Klaus eventually spotted one. Kol wanted to be a part of his family. All he wanted was a chance. Sure, Kol certainly had other things going on, but I believe here is some truth in what he says. The question is if there’s enough truth in what he says for him to carry it all out.

Jackson is a miserable day drunk. Last season he was an interesting character. He was joyful and entertaining. There was a light in his eyes. Now Jackson is nothing but a sad sack. They are trying to desperately get the wolves in a place where they don’t need to rely on the moon rings from Esther. However, they found a way from Klaus’ father. There is a ritual that will allow the abilities of two wolves with unique abilities to merge their powers. That would mean that Hayley would have to marry Jackson for real. A real deal marriage not just one in name or the trade of powers wouldn’t work. It was bittersweet as Hayley agreed to marry Jackson to complete this ritual. Which means no more Elijah.

The Originals - "The Brothers That Care Forgot"Speaking of Elijah, he’s truly nutty at this point. He’s entirely imbalanced. He slaughtered and entire for reasons I can’t even fathom. Rebekah quickly sees the ripping seams in his facade. The cool collected Elijah hardly able to keep it contained. Even his behaviors are erratic, one moment seeming remorseful and the next filled with rage. Rebekah didn’t trust it and consulted Klaus for what to do next.

There was a focus on Josh’s side story with his werewolf boy toy. It was a nice step away fro the main plot, but also frustrating. Last season, all of these moments were integrated into the plot. We were never given individual scenes that deviated from the story. Yes, it was a an opportunity for Davina to get out, but it still felt periphery. The less scenes like this, even if they are incredibly sweet, the better.

What did you think of the episode?

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