Constantine – “Rage of Caliban” Review

John was oddly introduced with a girl named Nora, who was shoving John out of the door as her boyfriend came over. it was a strange introduction that didn’t really add much except for showing that John doesn’t have the most pristine morals. It is an interesting contrast because Constantine spends most of his time trying to help people out. Many times it doesn’t really work out quite the way he wishes, but he’s out to help, shady morals be damned.

Constantine - "Rage of Caliban"The plot focused on a family that was brutally murdered, well all except the daughter. It was grisly and with the daughter in the room, it was strange that she wasn’t also attacked, until John used a Mayan spell to reveal what happened. The girl was the possessed, the murderer, but the spirit didn’t stay with the girl, but moved on to another family. Henry a young boy afraid of the dark. It’s almost fitting that he was the one possessed considering he kept thinking he saw monsters in the night.

The spirit present was malevolent of course. They moved from child to child killing their parents. John’s goal was to find out who was the first kid who became that spirit. If he found the name he could help remove the spirit. Which it wasn’t surprising that the spirit was that of the man who lived in an asylum with no real cognition of anyone else. It was an interesting twist that Marcelo’s soul was that of a living man and not a dead one. It was a triumphant moment for Constantine though. He was able to cast out the spirit from Henry, something he was terrified of. He did it and that should have been a bigger moment for him.

One of the things that is in some ways frustrating about the series is the inconsistency of characters. it’s very clear that the creators know that the heart of this show is John Constantine. He keeps things moving and he’s truly the one character who holds up their own part on a week to week basis. In this case Zed isn’t even in the episode. Unfortunately for Zed’s character that actually resulted in the story being a bit more focused. There was no character wondering about what needed to be done next. Constantine just did his job and it was entertaining to watch. It makes you wonder why they even bothered with Zed being a regular. The show holds without Zed and it almost seems like they may slowly do away with her.

What did yu think of the episode?

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