Sleepy Hollow – “The Akeda” Review (Midseason Finale)

Sleepy Hollow - "The Akeda"Turns out the sword we spent all of last episode looking for may be ultimately useless for the witnesses. For one using the sword to take a life may have resulted in the loss of whoever dealt the killing blow. Thus Methuselah sword is completely unusable as Jenny was able to confirm that the sword will claim the soul of whoever uses it. Thankfully, Henry gave them their weapon. Irving can wield the sword without losing his soul thanks to Henry having taken it away already.

Irving’s condition to wield Methuselah’s sword was reasonable. Jenny has to look after his family. He’s the only one who can do it. Orlando Jones was clearly getting a kick out of this new display of confidence. He is the secret, he’s angry for being used, and he’s finally able to let out some of his anger. He’d been cast aside for so much of the season that it was necessary for Irving to get a chance to really show his worth. Sure, he came out of the fight with War’s horseman a little torn up, but he did it. Allowing Irving to be a strong force in this season serving a real purpose was a worthwhile if not heavily upsetting end to his character. Irving was a good man, but they didn’t seem to know what to do with him once they got him locked up. At least they let him fight strong.

Sleepy Hollow - "The Akeda"Hawley was skeptical at first, however as time went on we saw him slowly come around to supernatural shit. Even still when Jenny comes to him saying that they need all his weapons because Moloch had rose and the end was coming. No, he like many people didn’t believe that now of all times this would be the end. Then it hailed blood. That was enough to convince Hawley that what was going on was real and it was beyond dangerous. He may be part of the team kind of, but he was forced to simply watch over Abraham in the cell.

The strain between Katrina and Crane is clear. Even Crane is openly acknowledging how difficult things have become. Watching that tension play out was the only interesting thing in regard to Katrina. The rift grows even deeper between them as Katrina endeavors to help Abraham. She sees only the good in people even those who may not deserve it. While Crane has resigned himself tot he fact that it ma be necessary for him to kill Henry, Katrina is unable to accept that fact even if there seems to be no other choice. As a result the pairing has parted ways on the romantic front while they agree to continue working together on their quest toward stopping Moloch and the horsemen.

Sleepy Hollow - "The Akeda"The show left us with a nasty, amazing end. As Moloch continued to demean Abraham behind his back and Henry to his face, Moloch ordered Henry to kill his mother. The swerve that Crane tried to instead sacrifice himself wasn’t surprising even after their decision to only be partners. The kicker was Henry agreed to kill his father. However, he meant his surrogate father as he drove Methusalah’s sword into Moloch’s chest.

What did you think of the episode?

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