American Horror Story: Freak Show – “Blood Bath” Review

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Blood Bath"Elsa was truly torn up over Ma Petite’s death. She made a show of it all, however, Ethel saw through the act. Sure, Elsa may have cared about Ma Petite, but Ethel was right. It was a show, a show that even Elsa convinced herself to believe. The relationship between the two women is definitely disintegrating. Elsa may not have killed Ma Petite, but it was under her watch as the mother of the freaks. Ethel has been around where people don’t notice. She sees things and hears things. No longer is she living under the umbrella that Elsa is some savior. Hell, she tried to shoot the her in the leg, but of course Elsa didn’t go down because it was fake. Ethel is willing to take out Elsa and herself to stop her abusing the rest of the family. Unfortunately Elsa got to her first, with a knife to the eye.

Elsa had to enlist Stanley’s help to cover up her crime. By covering it up Elsa got to look grief stricken again. For Stanley, this was a perfect opportunity to procure yet another specimen. He devised a plan that would get Ethel’s body out of the way as an attempted suicide. However, the severing of the head made it so people wouldn’t look too far into it. It also allowed for an already prepared specimen. Now Stanley didn’t have to cut off her head before he could bottle it. The job was already done. It also gave Elsa the time to go get her new attraction, Irma.

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Blood Bath"Gloria is in counseling because of her son. it seemed that over the years of watching him, she finally had to reach out for help. From the sound of it she’s been going for a while. However the increase in Dandy’s actions has caused her therapist to finally reach a point where Dandy needed to come for therapy. The initial trick to get Dandy in for therapy worked, but he wisened up. He realized his mother was up to something. He refused to go again unless Nora’s daughter was killed by Gloria. Dandy sees through Gloria, but he also knows how to manipulate his mother. He got his mother to say exactly what he needed so he could kill her. A shot straight to the brain and it solidified this episode as the one with the most death and near death experiences.

After the death of Ethel, the freak women were incensed. After what was done to Penny, they hunted down her father. They captured him. They tarred and feathered him. Penny has gone all in as the lizard girl. Maggie may have talked some sense into Penny so she wouldn’t kill her father, but she has changed. She’s changed majorly in a few short days. That said, I’m truly shocked by how Penny’s face isn’t completely swollen from her face tattoos.

I also have to note that it’s strange that when you have two people who are engaged in real life playing characters that love each other on the show, don’t really sell it when it comes to how the characters feel about each other. I can see the passion from Jimmy. But Maggie just feels stilted.

What did you think of the episode?

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