Arrow – “The Brave and the Bold” Review (Crossover Event)

Arrow like usual kept it’s dark tone despite the crossover. Unlike most episodes the moments of levity were a bit more prevalent. Arrow remained highly focused on the plot which involved Captain Boomerang. After a string of killings Arrow made headway when he tracked a lead with Arsenal to a location with ARGUS. Yes, ofcourse Boomerang s taking out ARGUS agents and they want Arrow to stay out of the way. Turns out Captain Boomerang had been part of Suicide Squad a team that had actually been terminated on Lilah’s orders.

The Brave and the BoldIt was Lilah’s kill orders that really came back to bite her in the ass. Boomerang was angry and he knew how Arrow was going to operate. This allowed him to set up a decoy, getting All the people who could pose major obstacles (Arrow, The Flash, Diggle, and Arsenal) out of the way. Left behind was Felicity, Caitlin, and his target Lilah as they waited on an update. However, it was too late as he was able to trace back the phone to their location and he could attack Lilah without major defenses. Unfortunately, as much as we saw of Lilah over the past season, I’ve never been given any real reason to feel for her. She was seriously injured, nearly dead and I didn’t feel the

I have to say that the action sequences on Arrow are still superior to those on The Flash. This is largely because Oliver is a more trained hero and is skilled with the combat he engages in. However, they are also very different characters. On one hand Oliver has no problem with torturing people. He’s aggressive. He has his methods and has no interest in changing them to make others feel better. Oliver’s methods have got him this far, but Barry is right. Oliver may do things for a greater good, but he is not a hero. Barry on the other hand doesn’t let the tragedies of his life dominate how he treats others. Barry still clings to his innocence. Where Oliver is reactive and ready to go on the offense, Barry is defensive. This led to much of the conflict between the two.

arrows03e08x02Cisco and Caitlin made their way to Central City with more information about the boomerang and to see Oliver’s hideaway. Cisco’s fascination and desire to upgrade things all around Oliver’s hideout was amusing. As was Roy’s affinity to Cisco after them agreeing that Red was a better color. That said, Cisco was able to get dark with Diggle and Roy as they were paired off. Sure, he still had his jovial demeanor that is synonymous with his character at this point. (I died laughing at Cisco checking Thea out only to be told she was a stay away being Oliver’s sister and Roy’s ex.) This episode brings to light how different the worlds Cisco and Caitlin living in compared tot he one that Arrow is in. It took seeing Lilah get hurt that they had been taking things a bit lightly out in Central City.

Despite everything that was going on, we still had the standard Arrow flashbacks. It wouldn’t be Arrow without them, though I do hope that they start to be used more sparingly. That said, the flashback this week really worked. It went back to a time when Oliver was very much in Barry’s position. He believed in people have some good. He believed in finding other ways for people and not just killing them. It got a whole block of people killed in the flashback. His hesitance caused a disaster. It seems that moment was when things began to change for Oliver. It was effective seeing that Oliver wasn’t always vicious and he’s been on an uptick of not torturing people as much.

arrows03e08x05What I have come to realize as I see these cross over episodes is that I really enjoy them. Generally, there is something enjoyable when seeing crossover episodes of any associated properties. This episode confirmed it. Arrow maintained it’s tone, but it also incorporated bits of the flash. Better yet, the characters manage to interact in a way that they feel like one big family. That says a lot, but it also makes the brands feel great. I’m looking forward to crossover episodes. Hopefully they will not become a rarity, without being overused. It certainly looks like The Flash will be back at some point considering Oliver installed a costume mannequin for Barry to store his suit when he’s in Starling City.

What did you think of the episode?

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