The 100 – “Fog of War” Review

The 100 - "Fog of War"Raven is smart. She figured out that Mount Weather was jamming signals. Heck, she figured out which were accessible channels and cracked the encryption so they could listen in. Granted what they learned was not what they wanted to hear. For one, the acid fog that we’ve now seen twice on the show is actually a weapon used by Mount Weather. If the fog was a weapon, that means Mount Weather was pulling strings long before the 100 knew of their existence. The frequency does give them the option to know what is going on in Mount Weather.

Those on Mount Weather are desperately trying to get to use the 47. Dr. Singh is deadset on using the 47 to infuse the natives with their blood. It is proving to be an effective way to allow those in Mount Weather to tolerate the radiation. However, the way that Dr. Sing talks about it they are willing to drain the kids until they die just to get their blood. It’s ruthless and if Jasper is any proof, killing them is unnecessary. If they just need to replace some of their blood, that can be done slowly one patient at a time. Let’s not even get into the fact that you can’t just infuse blood into just anybody as people will reject blood types they are not compatible with. Sure, the show isn’t very concerned with this, but I can’t get it out of my mind.

The 100 - "Fog of War"We hadn’t seen the acid fog since early last season, but it came back coating the area. It happened just as Clarke went off to fetch Finn after a temper tantrum. It forced her to spend time alone with Finn. It just so happened to be in the bunker where Finn shot the grounder. Together Finn finally confronts what is Clarke’s hesitance toward him by giving back her father’s watch and acknowledged that there may never be a good time. However, it is when he reveals that he found it on the dead man he just covered up before he killed him. He is constantly scaring Clarke, but he admitted that he’s scaring himself.

Also caught by the fog was Octavia and Bellamy and a couple of the soldiers sent to get them before they could infiltrate Mount Weather. However, not long after they entered the entrance tunnels to Mount Weather were the two soldiers who made it inside attacked. it was an eerie attack as Christmas music was played in the background. It caught the attention of Bellamy and Octavia where multiple reapers were eating the soldiers. They opened fire, but there was still one reaper eating away. It was kind of gross and it was more disturbing when it pulled up to reveal Lincoln who charged to attack them. He was completely oblivious to the fact that it was Octavia. In a few short weeks, he’s changed so much. Bellamy had to put a bullet in Lincoln just to give them time to run.

The 100 - "Fog of War"Jasper is incredibly naive. He’s willing to try to convince everyone to sign up to give their blood. The others are smarter to agree. Maya seems to have figured out that what’s going on and why she was really exposed. She’s scared for Jasper and it’s a good thing, because Jasper didn’t want to listen to anything that Monty said. it’s rather frustrating, seeing Jasper repeatedly ignore Monty. It feels like they are setting up Monty to be a sacrifice to finally push Jasper to do something. If that were to play out, I would be incredibly disappointed as Jasper has proved to be nothing but and idiot again and again in the show, while Monty an intelligent and potentially really interesting character is pushed off to the side. Jasper doesn’t even want to fight against what Dante wants. Instead he wants everyone to volunteer, simply basing the fact that he was allowed to live to as a reason to go along with the plan for now. What I don’t get is why Monty would go along with it, when he’s been voicing his distrust since the beginning.

I’ve hardly even had time to address the situation evolving with Jaha and Kane. They were locked in together where they were given a knife and essentially the assurance that one of them had to kill the other or they would both die. All the while they were locked in with the commander who was observing them to figure out who was strong, who was worthy. It turned out to be Kane who was willing to sacrifice himself and even do the deed, but Jaha wouldn’t let it. In the end Kane’s action set him free, while Jaha’s reluctance left him to be the message sent back to the Arkers. Their message leave or die.

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