Constantine – “Blessed Are the Damned” Review

Constantine - "Blessed Are The Damned"When you start an episode with a bumbling man messing with very poisonous snakes, it’s hard not to see him getting bit. It certainly happened, but the twist was that after his bite, he was brought back to life, by what looked to be a glowing red shard that materialized in his hand. And in case you didn’t realize that he was now incredibly possessed by something, he touched one of his congregation and the man’s missing leg regrew. It was a bit outlandish. However, it became very clear that deals were being made. With who it was unclear, but miracles were being performed.

Of course miracles aren’t just given for nothing. Those who had miracles performed on them, became murderous agents. Anyone who had a miracle performed would turn into murderous attackers. Every last one of them eventually turned from a normal healed person, to someone consumed by rage and blood lust. They wanted to be healed again. They wanted an extra dose of the angle power. All of it eventually led to angels thanks to the preacher speaking enochian, the language of the angels. The miracles were being performed because they were in possession of an angel feather. The corruption occurred because the power of the feather was in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, John wasn’t able to just steal it forcing Zed to go undercover and convince the preacher that she believed so she could steal the feather.

Constantine - "Blessed Are The Damned"It was interesting that we got a deeper look at the angels this week. We see Manny pop up almost every week, even if only for a moment, but we don’t learn much. Manny doesn’t do much more than taunt John about how his soul is damned. Manny doesn’t help much, always pulling out the card that he can’t influence to change what is meant to be. Ultimately, Manny needs to stay out of things. Thus when we finally meet another angel, a very injured one, it’s strange seeing her influence interfering. Imogen looks just as creepy as Manny, but what was more amusing was Zed trying to see Manny. Imogen had one of her feathers stolen, the first time a mortal had been able to. Manny is a truly good guy. He’s willing to help. What was an interesting twist was that Imogen was taking the preacher to hell, not heaven, meaning she was not a good angel, but a fallen one. With that we finally got to see Manny take a more important role as he actually took out the Fallen. This episode has proved that Manny can be a very interesting character provided that he is given more screen time.

It almost seems as though John is incapable of maintaining two companions at once. Every time that Zed disappears to one of her art classes and can’t be disturbed, Chas is featured more. When Chas is off doing something, Zed is in the passenger seat. To Zed’s character, at least we see that she has more of a direct impact on the story when she’s involved. Zed is able to assist way more than being a cheauffer. Unfortunately she still isn’t being explored more as a character. the frustrating part is the show seems to realize this as they joked about Zed being the mysterious one. That’s not a good thing. We need to know about Zed rather than allow her to just be a shell who gets visions.

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