Obsession of the Week: Lego Batman 3

legobatman3x2New piece I’m trying out here. And no, I haven’t been obsessed with Lego Batman 3 for just the past week. I’ve actually been playing it at every available chance for the past few weeks, but Obsession of the Week sounds better than Obsession of Late. So, back on topic. Almost the only thing that you’ll find me doing if I’ not watching one of my shows or my guilt urging me to go to the gym, I am playing Lego Batman 3. The latest Lego game that was released last month. After the pure joy I experienced with Lego Marvel last year and I had enough fun with Lego Batman 2, I decided to go in on this version.

In case you’re never really gotten into one of the Lego games in the past, the whole concept is break everything you can and the build things from it. You can collect coin, characters, gold bricks, red bricks, and characters in peril. The story is relatively short, with each story level taking roughly a half hour to forty minutes to play through alone with the intention of getting the coin count for the level. And with roughly 16 levels, you’re looking at anywhere from 8 hours to 10 hours for the story. The real extra time in the game comes from replaying the levels and all the additional material that’s necessary to play. It can take a while, but it’s the kind of game I enjoy really digging into.

legobatman3x3Lego Batman 3 unfortunately isn’t quite as good as Lego Marvel. The biggest difference is that where Lego Marvel added additional bonus levels that were unlocked after reaching certain counts of gold bricks, that was missing this game. Honestly, it was the thing that I missed most as I enjoyed having additional bite sized levels to dig my teeth into. That said, there were many changes that were made a learning experience from the struggles of Lego Marvel. Changing from suit to suit is easier now and can be done without waiting for a carousel to snag the exact power set that you need. Also they made it easier for regrabbing the minikits and other collectibles found in the levels by allowing you to jump in at segments of the game. Thus you no longer need to play the entire level to snag a missed collectible at the end of the level. You can just jump in at the latter part of the level and play from there.

The one thing that didn’t make much sense was the layout of the game and the inclusion of vehicles. Unlike Lego Marvel which was based in NYC with the city to drive through. The open play locations in Leg Batman are more restrictive. Internal locations that aren’t conducive to racing or planets that are curved. So where exactly am I supposed to use all of these vehicles. Personally, it’s okay for me because any game that forces me to drive gets on my nerves.

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