Z Nation – “Doctor of the Dead” Review

Z Nation - "Doctor of the Dead"In a very rare departure from what we usually see on Z Nation, we were flashed back to four years before the apocalypse. We were introduced to a chipper doctor. A man who despite what he was walking into was rather happy. He was going to visit a man. A man who was very sick to the point that he was damn near covered in necrotic tissue. The man was literally rotting right in front the Doctor. Rather than save the man, the Doctor told the man that he’d be helping him. The Doctor killed him, taking a brain sample which he then stabbed into the young man who took him to the patient. One is left to assume that it may have been the beginning of the apocalypse. Though one is left to wonder why it took so long to spread.

The entire episode was a dive into how this whole apocalypse started. The multiple flashbacks gave us an insight as to how it was created. Not only that but we saw how the Doctor developed and worked on the virus. It is nice that we finally were given proper confirmation that this was in fact a manufactured condition. People were made sick. People were tested. The Doctor appeared to spearhead everything. He seems to almost relish killing people in the name of science. The more we saw the Doctor moving from location to location we saw that he wasn’t just finding similar situations. He was taking various conditions and using them to create his own super condition. It was amusing seeing all the different kinds of zombies. From the rotting to the traditional voodoo zombie.

The group’s objective of California was altered to Colorado when the doctor who injected Murphy was located there. Inside, like expected, there were more puppies and kittens than people. Literally, there were zombie scientists every where. More importantly they had power that allowed them to dig into files for even more information about the virus. There were some dirty messed up things going on in that facility. The files they found were about Dr. Merch’s team and their first human victim. The tech who had been infected was given the first vaccine trial, but it made it so he couldn’t die. He was literally a husk left unable to die, despite being a burned half body.

Z Nation - "Doctor of the Dead"Unlike man of the previous episodes, this one really upped the level of horror and tension. Because these were not the normal grade zombies, they even attacked Murphy. There were genuine moments, where I jumped, shocked by how it was actually willing to scare rather than just be a fun zombie romp. They were mutants. Rather than rotting, they looked like they were covered in boils. But that wasn’t where tension ended. When the group encountered the Doctor posing the man who would help them get the vaccine. In the tussle that ensued when Doc was shot and seriously injured.

Cassandra had been getting sicker and sicker. The injury she received a few episodes back was getting to her. Within minute sof the episode, she couldn’t push on on her own. She needed 10k to help her and he did so willingly. He couldn’t leave her behind and I believed it from 10k. If there is one thing they have built up about 10k’s character it is that he cares about the people he gets close to. Even with all the help he gave her, carrying her through the facility, she had to give up. They left her to rest and die in a storage closet, each getting a brief moment to say goodbye. Then we saw Murphy go in to say his farewells alone. He was really torn up about it, but he had come to know what his abilities could do. Sure, he wasn’t positive, but he had and idea and it worked out. He took a bite of her cheek, infecting her. Thus when she died, she came back like him. Not alive, not truly dead, but still all there. Still able to help her friends. Three bullets to the chest couldn’t stop her.

As everyone left the facility, Murphy was the first out. He left his shedded skin behind for the group to find as he headed off. A bomb was also dispatched to Citizen Z’s location. We saw Addy. And Mack still alive. Ultimately, we were left on the biggest cliffhanger a show could possibly offer.

What did you think of the episode?

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    I genuinely like this series. Like The Walking Dead, it is largely a departure from the legacy of George Romero, AND unlike TWD, it doesn’t take itself quite as seriously. There are moments of wry, dry, dark, & laugh out loud humour sprinkled liberally throughout an average episode. Proof that the ” zombie apocalypse ” needn’t be ALL gloom, doom, despair, hopelessness. It can be fun ! ” Doc ” is especially funny & interesting. 5 *****’s !

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