The Originals – “The Map of Moments” Review

The Originals - "The Map of Moments"Kol is seriously the left out child. He’s the wild one, constantly acting out for attention and to merely be seen. That is a difficult kind of existence, but he sees something in Davina. She doesn’t look at him as though he is some screw, another brother, a troublemaker. She sees him as a guy that she kind a likes. And while he may lie to her, he didn’t out to outright hurt her or use her, which for Davina is a refreshing change. Kol is in fact willing to play ball with whoever will help him out the most. What is most enjoyable about Kol is that he is a complete schemer. He was willing to trick and toy with Klaus and Rebekah to get what he wanted and revenge.

Heck, this show is all about the scheming. Everyone on this show is trying to create some sort of scheme and plot. Kol manipulated Rebekah to lock her in another body. Where as Rebekah with the help of Klaus deceived Esther to as to take awake her magic. If Esther is unable to magic, much of her power is taken from her. She’s now what she hated most, which seems like the perfect revenge for what she’s done to her children.

The Originals - "The Map of Moments"Finn however is a mama’s boy. yet, that is an understatement. If tonight’s episode is any real evidence, he isn’t particularly keen on vampires and he harbors a resentment for his bevy of siblings. His siblings are all scheming against his mother except him. He’s left once again being the obedient son, however he clearly has his own plan. The way this episode seemed to play out indicates that Finn will be one of the major antagonits in the latter half of the season.

Hayley finally fessed up to Elijah that she is going to marr Jackson. Had this come sooner in the season, when we saw the pair of them finally get to gether it would have been more moving. We’d known that they liked each other for a while. They mooned at each other, but this season separated them. They hardly had any time with one another and when they did, one of them was acting standoffish. This was the first time that they were actually genial to one another and they jump each other’s bones. If I hadn’t seen Elijah do nice thing after nice thing, I wouldn’t have believed that he would be selfless enough to allow Hayley to marry Jackson for the good of Hope.

What did you think of the episode?

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