Agents of SHIELD – “What They Become” Review

This week we had a bit of a resurgence of the old Fitz. With his one true real friend down their, Fitz seemed to be a bit more on point and focused. That said, you could still see the traces of what happened to him previously as he still stuttered a bit. It was nice seeing Fitz back to his old form. I missed that quickk banter and wit that’s be taken away from us. We were even treated to some jovial moments thrown in there.

Agents of SHIELD - "What They Become"Skye finally met her father this week. Considering the man he actually is and how dangerous he is, he truly came off as an awkward man. He seemed like a man who was taken away from his little girl and lost it. I believe it actually. The part that makes him scary is that in the madness that followed he truly went crazy and that he was a dangerous man. It’s almost heartbreaking that he knows how awful he has been. Losing her clearly changed him and not for the better, but even then we knew there was a darkness to him that is inexcusable and unforgivable. The side he’s on is transitory and that is something that is difficult for Skye. The major positive in his favor is that he seemed to hate Whitehall and he told the truth.

Skye had quite an episode. After meeting her father, and getting into a predicament with Whitehall, she we left in a room with Ward. When he finally freed her, she shot him when he turned his back. He totally deserved it after everything he put her through and despite that, I doubt he’ll change. She then goes to save Coulson who is getting his but beat by her dad. What was interesting about that encounter is that she could have killed him, but she didn’t. Instead, she seemed to give into the things her father told her, now that she knew she could hold the the obelisk. She got her father back (hello Daisy Johnson aka Quake), but he was twisted. She saw through that and realized that he cared about her, which is likely why she didn’t kill her. That and he listened to her unlike Ward.

Agents of SHIELD - "What They Become"The situation with Whitehall was rather complicated. It seemed half the people he gathered were in some way working against him. For one, The Doctor was out to reunite and protect Skye, not to mention exact revenge. Ward was out to protect Skye as well, in his own weird psychotic way. And we’ve known for a long time that Raina has no allegiance and will go wherever she can learn more about the special people.

When it comes to Howling Commando tech, Tripp is the guy. He seems to have a massive arsenal of the old weaponry and spy gear to help the team out. Unfortunately, that’s about all they use Tripp for at this point, which is a shame. We’ve had hints and seen that there can be so much more to Tripp than just being a weapons provider and plot tool. His howling commando tech was useful. However it was also not shocking that when all three of them turned to stone, but only Raina and Skye came out of it alive, I wasn’t surprised. Who will rains become? Unfortunately, despite Tripp’s character having potential, he was forever the periphery. Never truly integral to the team, but well liked by all, which is why only he was expendable in this episode.

What did you think of the episode?

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