The Flash – “The Man in the Yellow Suit” Review

The Flash - "The Man in the Yellow Suit"It’s Christmas in Central City and everyone was getting into the spirit of the holiday. That means plenty of gift-giving, particularly from Barry. Honestly, if Barry’s gifts were any indication, I want to be his friend. All of his gifts were so thoughtful and I wonder what he’d get me.

This episode was an emotional rollercoaster for Barry. He was literally all over the place as he finally had to face so much of what he kept inside. First there was the fact that he had to deal with everything about Reverse Flash, the man who killed his mother and destroyed his life. He had him in his grasp and he got away. Worse, his opportunity to go after him again was taken from him. In part because he was too emotionally caught up and because Eddie would crucify him if he caught him. Add in the fact that he chose to confess to Iris about how he felt really laid everything on the table. Barry was more vulnerable and delicate than ever before. However, when Barry was at his lowest,

The Flash - "The Man in the Yellow Suit"The real topic of this week is Caitlin’s former fiancee Ronnie Raymond. He seemed to follow her through the garage, revealing himself with his flames. Caitlin’s reaction was pretty spot on as I would also be startled into hiding if I saw my dead fiancee on fire in front of me. I’d be terrified and there would probably be screaming, so Caitlin was rather composed. Caitlin however is a rather determined girl, which is part of why I like her character so far, despite her being a bit bland at present. Caitlin reached out for Cisco’s help to find Ronnie. Sure, it didn’t turn out to well, especially considering the man she confront wasn’t Ronnie, at least not completely. Understandably this wasn’t easy for Caitlin granted the chance to see Ronnie again only for him to not be the man she remembered (or even close to it). That said, there was clearly good in Firestorm as he saved Barry before flying off.

The plot of the episode was around the Reverse Flash. A couple episodes back, Joe had his encounter with Reverse Flash where he threatened Iris’ life. Now, Reverse Flash is making himself known making more proactive strikes. The team figured out that whatever Reverse Flash wanted had to do with Mercury Labs tachyon experiments. While Dr. Tina McGee wouldn’t give up the experiment to help the team lure in Reverse Flash, Reverse Flash came to Barry, taunting him to chase him. Which resulted in one of the most interesting fight scenes on The Flash to date. Their fight was shot, but enough to raise the excitement level. The second encounter with him really set how dangerous the Reverse Flash is as he brutally beat Harrison.

The Flash - "The Man in the Yellow Suit"Seriously come on, I want Cisco to be my best friend. I need him in my life. Time and time again Cisco has proved to be the sleeper on the team. He’s always there pulling through. Sure, he messes things up every so often. However, Cisco is a shoulder to cry on. Carlos Valdes is perfect in the role, capable of being joyous and bubbly when it calls for it. He’s the light of the show. Yet, he can throw down the ominous like no other. Tonight proved that he is a great shoulder to cry on. He’s caring and generous. So, I’ll say this again, I wish Cisco was real, so he could be my best friends. I’d come up with meta human names any day. Heck, he even figured out that there were two speedsters there the night Barry’s mother died.


Are you ready?

I’m serious, there will be major spoilers.

This is your last chance.

Okay I warned you…
The tag at the end of the episode very clearly revealed that Harrison Wells is in fact Reverse Flash. This complicates things in the sense that now Harrison’s motivations is the mystery in question. Add in the fact that there were supposed to be 2 speedsters at the time of Barry’s mother’s death. Now one is left to wonder why Harrison is trying so desperately to ensure that there is a Flash in the future if he ultimately is his nemesis.

What did you think of the episode?

4 thoughts on “The Flash – “The Man in the Yellow Suit” Review

  1. In the comics, all the speedsters are united by the Speed Force, the actions of one speedster growing their powers increases the Speed Forces power as a whole. There are many speedsters in the comics and they even have their own “planet” on which the Speed Force (which is also a physical object) is contained, similar to how he Green Lanterns have a central source of power.
    If they continue going along with the comic themes, Reverse Flash tries to make Barry stronger, because Barry is the biggest contributor to the Speed Force when he is developing a his powers. So barry becoming better increases the speed force, the force from which all speedsters draw their power, including RF.

    • This makes sense. I’ll admit I only have limited knowledge of Speed Force and how it functions. This would make sense in terms of Harrison fostering Barry’s skill. It doesn’t quite explain some of his other behaviors though.

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